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  • bobbysrevenge45 bobbysrevenge45 Dec 31, 2007 10:53 AM Flag

    I would short this at $10 too


    i'm up big, if u dopes remember my old posts when this was at $65and i waas WARNING u stupid focks to get out. now look where i am and where you are!!

    i would short this at $10 as well cause the realityfor EPS estimates is that none of these earnings are coming to fruition.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Main problem is that you have shorted recently. Wait for 3 days, then you will know about the mistake you did. GL...

    • The problem is, an asshole like you is always an asshole. You have no objectivity, no mathematical backup to your attitude of what a screaming sell the stock is.

      Even a stopped clock is right 2x a day, it doesn't mean anything. You got lucky on your short. Now, are you smart enough to take your profits before they all disappear?

      I'd bet not. Not with an attitude that you will short it at $10 too. If that were true, you'd be continuously selling more and more shares short even right now. Then when it goes back up over $50 you will lose far more.

      Even given the short selling manipulation that cut the stock in half, it is STILL up over 72% in the past year (based on current price of $36.40 and low of $21.13).

      Anyway, not sure why anyone bothers trying to talk to you. You are like the Muslim extremist hell bent on killing anybody who doesn't think exactly like you do.

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