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  • stockquotes_99 stockquotes_99 Jul 20, 2008 1:28 AM Flag

    got my santa cruz shoes a couple days ago

    they really look cool unlike the clogs... i love the clogs too but the santa cruz are comfy and STYLISH... hope people will notice these... will hopefully help alleviate the ugly shoe stigma... highly recommend them

    long crox

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    • I placed a $160 order last month for 4 pairs (blue Santa Cruz, Baja for wife, Axle for kid, Ace for friend). I liked my Santa Cruz so much that I went back online to buy another pair (different color) since I was already going to buy a pair of the Disney Ariel style (plus Jibbitz) for a neighbor's kid's upcoming birthday.

      I could not find any Santa Cruz available at the e-commerce site in my size, nor many other sizes, in the colors I wanted....sorry, sold out. No big deal, I'll wait and order when they're available. But, that tells me a couple of things:
      1) Bad demand/production planning
      2) Santa Cruz is probably selling much better than projected.

      So, I couldn't get what I wanted, but I still wanted to make a $100 purchase to get the free shipping. Guess mom is flying out for a visit in a couple weeks and she is getting a present - Women's Santa Cruz.

      On top of that, we bought my wife a pair of the Beach style at Dick's Sporting Goods (big store) this weekend. They had not one, but two big displays of Crocs - one near the "down" escalator on the first floor and one up on the second floor. That is prime store space, if you ask me...must be selling to command such a prominent spot in the store.

      Long story short, we have become a "Crocs family" overnight...they are just too darn comfortable. I almost felt like an addict as I debated and ultimately removed a pair of the "Batman II" model from the e-commerce cart for my son.

      BTW, my buddy that got the Ace shoes from the original purchase tells me he is now shopping for "Bite" golf shoes (owned by Crocs)...I haven't checked those out yet, though. Another coworker just picked up a pair of Ocean Wave sandals (also owned by Crocs) to replace his 3-year-old Crocs sandals.

      Personally, I think this company has a lot of upside. Anybody that I talk to that owns Crocs loves them. Although, I think the knock-offs are taking a large market share. I see tons of toddlers/kids wearing the knock-offs. Lots of parents don't want to shell out the bucks for shoes that are worn for only a few months of growth. But, then again, some parents will shell out the bucks.

    • I'm putting in an online order in August for 5 pairs....4 gifts and a pair for myself. Once you go CROCs, you never go back!!

    • bought my santa cruz a few weeks ago, and not just saying this, but I absolutely love them.

      Only problem is you don't find them many places, crocs needs to get its popular new additions into its major retailers.

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      • Yes, they need to get busy. It's all about logistics of manufacturing and efficient/effective distribution to retailors who seem to have no problem moving the Santa Cruz (actually the problem is not having enough of them!)

        I bought a pair a couple months ago. I've only wore them about a dozen times because its really hot in AZ right now so I prefer my Athens, Scutes, or Cretes (all styles of Crocs) that I can walk right into the pool in.

        I expect in the Fall I will ramp up the Santa Cruz wearing because they really are Super Comfortable! Almost decadant...

      • I bought Velocity for me and Capri Canvas to my wife. Velocity shoe is very comfortable but the look is little odd, I think it takes sometime for me to get used to it, I might start liking it as my feet feels more relaxed.

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