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  • wall.stguy wall.stguy Mar 24, 2009 9:18 PM Flag

    Institutional Money bought, not sold!!!

    The last time an institution sold DSCO was over a year ago. In fact, the last institutional transaction was a buy from Heartland Advisors in Februay. Unlike Yadahaven, I'll post my source for you to check out: Yadahaven, if you are going to post, cite your source, otherwise stop posting lies.

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    • 1. my source is the Yahoo page; shows 16 million sold;
      2. however NO ONE can dispute insider (lack) buying; only 328,000 shares which is .003 of total o/s; and NONE bought since Nov. (five mos. ago); and some speculation that those buys were tied to CEFF hits. That is indisputable unless the SEC is not posting on a timely basis.

      I post here because I have lost alot and so have friends who have tracked this co. My biggest mistake has been not following rule #1 of mgt. capable/talented. No matter how you slice/dice that question for DSCO you cannot come to a conclusion that this team is stellar from a business/investor standpoint. Hopefully someday Surfaxin will save many childrens lives so that the science can be upheld and sustained.

      But from a pure Harvard Bus. Review....this would not be a top ten positive case study.

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      • Thanks yadahaven, I see. That was the prior quarter of this current quarter. That was the quarter that our kids will be reading about in the history books; "the crash of 2008". I am not sure anyone was buying anything October and November, and anyone leveraged was selling all dead weight; DSCO being dead weight with it's April 17th review date. The insiders were buying in that quarter, as you mentioned. And though you ridicule their purchase, I think it was a heafty sum of money. These are insiders at Discovery Labs, not Merck; not exactly making the big bucks. Check out some of the other links posted. This quarter is showing more buys than sells.

    • jpalarski Mar 25, 2009 9:31 AM Flag

      I did not check out your site because I just looked at mine that keeps track of Institutional Sales in a more time fashsion than what your posting mentions.

      This site, even with small stocks, is updated a couple times per month.

      Wishire Small Growth is the last listed fund that sold all of its holding March 11. I expect an update on this listing in a few days to reveal more Institutional Sales and Purchases.

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