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  • nynjlot nynjlot Oct 17, 2010 12:55 PM Flag

    The reason I bought DSCO

    It's a risk play and the chance to make it ( big) it's not that great. But I like the risk/reward ratio and I think there is a decent chance SP will go higher before go lower

    1. DSCO failed to meet the FDA requirement mainly due the misconduct of the ex-CEO not because of the product or the study it self ( is this right?) and now base on 8K
    I think there is good chance DSCO will make some progress which means SP will go high.

    "Discovery's plan for the potential approval of Surfaxin continues to benefit from the FDA's direction and their recent suggestions have been incorporated into our plan. Another positive aspect of the most recent communication is the FDA's indicated willingness to continue to interact on our approach to gain potential Surfaxin approval."

    Play biotech basically is play the news and there will be several important news within next few months.
    Friday's couple of good news and nice Share price movement is a good sign ( and confirmation to buy). imo

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    • attn steve dsco management did not hand out all those shares to see them become worthless. they handed out those shares because they know the stock is not getting delisted. this I know for a fact. so you can respond with all your negativity but I know for a fact the stock will not be delisted. you can say what you want but I have been buying all while you are boasting about dsco going down to new 52 week low (never happened and aint gonna happen). and neither will the stock be delisted.

      • 1 Reply to francismoorehomes
      • Then consider this, DSCO will most-likely become a Zombie ... a perpetual tiny-cap company, that will always have just-enough cash on-hand to pay the Upper Mgmt team ... its common knowledge the chances of Approval with the next PDUFA date (Sept 2011) are very slim; my guess is only 10% or os, if that ... and its a Long Ways Out!

        DSCO does NOT have enough cash to even make it to that point, and thats after 100%+ dilution over the past year!

        How much more dilution do you think will occur between now and next Sept 2011 ???

        DE-listed or perpetually trading under $0.10, it doesn't matter to me, and I doubt to most ... either way, its BK or Zombie status!

        Amick got sack'd at Aldagen simply because they know the definition of Accountability ... DSCO has NEVER learned it, and continues to pay the price.

        Only the Newest of Newbies will dive-in, and they will become just the newest set in a long run of people who lost money on DSCO.

        The main problem with DSCO is an extremely weak Board!, led my that Idiot and Coward himself, Amick.

    • 1.) The all-important Nov. 29th, 2010 NASDAQ DE-listing DROP DEAD DATE!

      2.) The impact of the PRE-14A SEC filing, which is now over-due relative last year's Dec. 7th ASM, and certainly this year, since if there is going to be a vote on a R/S, it will most-likely occur at this year' ASM BEFORE the Nov. 29th NASDAQ DE-listing drop dead date.

      3.) The widely-known fact that the Lead Program DSCO is pursuing, P2P comparison-based Liquid Surfaxin strategy, is something the company was dead-set-against last July (2009), and even Amick decided to try the Limited Trial w/ BAT approach ... that alone should be telling, since he isn't the smartest person.

      4.) Suggest anyone researching DSCO, at least listen to the CCs from July 2009, as well as everything available, starting with Nov. 4th, 2009, in which Amick spoke publicly on DSCO's behalf for the first time ... that was in infamous "new DSCO" sales pitch! ... it was a total joke, and is very telling in it' own right ... the guy is an Idiot!

      5.) The perpetual silence the company has treated it's shareholders to from the ASM last Dec, thru about the end of May or June of this year ... I don't remember the exact timeframe ... this is why I call him a Coward.

      6.) The very simple fact that someone crafted-up a speech for Amick each time he talked on DSCO's behalf, and he messed even that up each time!

      7.) The very simple fact that the amount of dilution that has occurred over the past 2-3 years should be a WARNING SIGN for all ... do your own DD on this, and you'll be surprised at just how much dilution has occurred!

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