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  • ddas483g ddas483g Jan 30, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    dirtbag day traders

    Short day traders can make $100, $1000,OR EVEN $10,000 ON A ONE PENNY DROP. Don't panic or we all fall into his greedy, #$%$-bag hands. Or--sell now if you think The 3 musketeers are not really a single bartender -day trader. It is a gamble as we all know

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    • That's absolutely hilarious. I mean really funny. It's nothing short of Hubris to believe that a bunch of people posting here, of all places, can move the value of a company valued at 100 million dollars. Just because someone is bearish on the management does not mean they are a short. I've never shorted any stock ever and I don't day trade either - I'll leave that up to Pinski.

      Personally I do believe that Surfaxin is a useful drug, and that further applications will be developed when / if this bungling management ever gets it to market. As a shareholder I even wrote to Amick (you know, pen and paper not just firing off an email). Curiously he never replied, though a week later I started getting cold calls - to my private landline number - from someone claiming to be a US-based stock broker... Sure that was just a coincidence. At the moment I'm on the sidelines (though technically I do own a nominal amount - so that every time I log into my Brokerage account I am reminded of the lessons I learned here - and that's been good value for money). That doesn't mean I'm always going to be on the sidelines, rather I'm watching for the change of management strategy that will unlock the value here and make this a good investment.

      But if you think the height of informed discussion is a bunch of longs patting themselves on the back about their wise investment then you've still got some learning to do. Hope it's not too expensive. :).

    • Sanctimonious people really annoy me. That means YOU. We are all greedy or we would not be playing the stock market. Look in the mirror.

    • You got to admit, he can carry on a conversation with himself pretty damn well. Its actually become a source of entertainment for me. Those who have been around a while don't pay no mind to him/her anymore. Cant help but feel bad for those who actually view his/her responses as insightful instead of self-serving.

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