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  • dutchboyprint dutchboyprint Feb 4, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    First Week Of Feb

    And we start the first full week of February. Still no news, plus or minus. Just dead silence.
    No change in the direction of the company. It still could be announced in the next couple of weeks, but that time is starting to fade.

    So, it is beginning to look like investors/traders plans need to be made based on the previous status. Amick's termination and the wholesale changing of the BOD may have been the result of a "distasteful" event on Amick's part rather than institutions pushing for a change in the status of the company. (partnership, sale, etc) It still could happen, it's just that the probability peaks a few weeks after the event then fades with time. I think we are in the "fades with time" period.

    So. status quo. That means even with the failed launches of Afectair and Surfaxin, the company seems to be going ahead with the not-a-launch of Afectair... just handing our free samples to 10% of potential customers. They said that would be all of the 1st quarter and we should not expect them to actually start selling until the 2nd qtr. That means no numbers until mid August when the second quarter filings are made. Wow. 15 months after it was approved, DSCO will begin marketing a molded plastic nozzle. What an incredible feat of business acumen. What an example of executive leadership. All should stand back and be amazed.....

    So let me see if I have this right... the entire marketing/sales staff was fully staffed and trained by late October... and the entire force will have been engaged in handing out free samples to 10% of potential customers for 6 months before the actual launch. That ought to be a good use of shareholder resources!

    And Surfaxin is apparently still on schedule for a re-launch in April (early in the 2nd qtr). Nobody has said otherwise, at least not yet... but then nobody has said anything about Surfaxin for 3 to 4 months.

    So, my guess is it goes up some today. not a lot, but some... a slow drift up this entire week. I took some Pinski style profits last week, but I don't think I want to get in on a "slow drift up". Too many other places that are more energetic.

    What would make me more enthusiastic about DSCO? How about a PR saying things are going well.......

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    • you have it summed up it seems - wonder .....why was this trading in mid 3's before - and low 2's now

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      • It got up into the mid $3 last September, when Surfaxin was supposed to be launched. That didn't happen because of quality procedure issues, again. It was the same old story that has plagued DSCO of over a decade.... big plans, lot's of talk, but virtually zero execution. These guys talk and talk about how great it's going to be "at some point down the road", but they absolutely suck at getting anything done. DSCO has had a corporate culture that accepts, almost rewards,failure for years. I had hopes that the changes in the BOD might correct that problem, but I am beginning to loose faith.

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