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  • mikehbr mikehbr Feb 4, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

    Silly Question for anyone in the Medical Field

    AFECTAIR was supposed to be launched in Dec 2012. They sent out samples on 3 Jan 2013. Is the product available for purchase by hospitals?

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    • Well, I'm not in the Medical Field, but I do have a habit of reading what the company files with the SEC, and starting last October, the pickings have been pretty good. Maybe this will answer your question:

      We start with a statement from the 10/24/12 8K filing and PR...
      "The Company anticipates that the initial AFECTAIR device will be commercially available in December 2012. This initial device is intended for use in infants receiving ventilatory support in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units (NICU, PICU). Because the Company expects that the same hospitals that purchase SURFAXIN are likely to purchase AFECTAIR, the Company's commercial and medical affairs organizations will be responsible for the commercial introduction of this product. "

      Note that the company states that the same hospitals are expected to purchase both Surfaxin and Afectair.

      Then we move on to the powerpoint slide presentation that accompanied the press release. The Slide presentation from 10/24 states that DSCO was planning to introduce Surfaxin to 200 of their 300 targeted institutions.

      "Short term goals
      - National account agreements in place
      - SURFAXIN formulary meetings in ~200 out of 300 target accounts
      - Commitment for SURFAXIN purchase in 100 target accounts
      - Commitment for AFECTAIR user experience program in at least 200 target accounts"

      Note that there are 300 targeted accounts. Their short term goals were to sell Surfaxin to 100 of those and start the Afectair user experience program in 200 of those.

      Are you with me so far? Okay... 200 Afectair user experience placements in the 300 targeted accounts was the short term gal on October 24th.

      Now we move on to the 1/2/13 press release, which after announcing Amick, Link and Esteve were no more, went on to announce the Afectair User Experi9ence Program was staring.

      "The launch begins with an AFECTAIR user experience program in leading U.S. critical care centers that represent approximately ten percent of the Company’s targeted institutions. The selected institutions are considered to be centers of influence within the neonatal and pediatric critical care community. The initial phase of this launch is intended to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange that will allow physicians and respiratory therapists to discuss the advantages and proper utilization of this novel device. This phase of the launch is anticipated to run through the first quarter of 2013 at which time Discovery Labs will initiate a broader introduction of AFECTAIR ."

      Notice that the Program is now reduced from "200 out of 300 targeted institutions" to "ten percent of the Company's targeted institutions".

      Seems the Afectair user experience free sample program is being rolled out in about thirty, (30), three-zero institutions.

      So yes, free samples of the Afectair plastic nozzle MIGHT be available in 30 locations around the country. That is way less than one per state. And that is ASSUMING the launch in January went according to Plan A... uh, strike that... Plan B... oh, strike that too... uh, Plan C

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