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  • nishit1409 nishit1409 Feb 14, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    Where are pinski and dutchboy?

    must be lost somewhere.. pinski and dutchboy the genius and oldies

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    • I posted my thoughts on the news last night after reading the 8K.
      It hasn't changed because of traders rushing in today.

      DSCO herself now has the largest "short" position against her own shareholders. They have $25 million shares available to be pushed into the market as a "sell" order with no corresponding "buy" order any time they want. And they need the cash, so they will. Probably with a vengeance.

      I tend to look at things logically... such as...
      DSCO trades about 200,000 shares per day. At $2.50 that comes to $500K per day. So that $25 million comes to 50 full and complete days worth of trading out of 250 days per year. Seems to me there will be a 20% downward selling pressure over the next year as DSCO grabs that cash. Will that over balance any buying pressure... some days yes, some days no... but it will always be there.

      With that additional $25 million and the $30 million loan... DSCO will have about $70 million calculated as of 12/31/12. They will be burning about $10 to $11 million per qtr without considering any manufacturing costs... so they have cash for 5 to 6 quarters... middle of 2014.

      Question: How much money did DSCO say they would raise in revenue between now and the middle of 2014 in the 10/24/12 PR?

      Answer: They have mortgaged the company, tied up the assets as secured interest, and do not have enough money to complete any clinical trials. They have acquired immediate cash, but they do not have the money to pay the piper. When the traders are done with their euphoria... the realization will set in.... don't be long the day that happens. In the mean time... make money on days like this!!! YeeeHaaaa!

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      • it took a long time but the drug is aproved, many companys and i say with more surity that over 75% of drugs don;t make it. you sir don't believe in the company but are here for so long bashing every step, even though many of times i have paid very close attention to your writings i also consider you a short and a basher at this time. so definitely you make money by oportunity and the worst case scenario guys like you on a message board tend to tip the scale of influancing the weak hands which play into your supossed well thought out process of what is going to happen and the ultimate short who gives all this details of how the stock is going to behave. is ashame that you spend countless hours posting against a company , get a life man go and do something else life is short stop harassing people that want to be here and invest let it rest man, go and bash another stock or go and chill out in some cafe or whatever, get the point.

    • I don't know where they are but I have been long DSCO for many years, and I see nothing to celebrate with this little bump today. DSCO would have to climb to $37 a share for me to BREAK EVEN. So, reaching $2.66 today doesn't even rate a frickin' "meh" in these quarters.

      I haven't sold DSCO because when you've lost 95% of the value already, what's the point? Might as well just let this thing sit and rot and maybe it'll get to $3.70 some day, gee, then my loss would only be around 90%.

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    • You won't see them around here anymore. After all it's failures this drug will demolish the industry. It may take awhile for it to get to profitability (for those who got in early), but breathing is the essence of life. Will still have ammo in reserve with our other drugs and we're being heard. Soon more upgrade's.

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    • They for 2.60 area.
      Know those types.

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