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  • tdm1995 tdm1995 May 2, 2013 12:29 AM Flag

    What kind of i d i o t would ever admit to working at Discovery Labs?

    These people truly are - the epitome of INEPT. I still can't believe I actually own stock in this massive pile of dump tards. This joke of a company - has been a joke of a company for as long as I can remember. What the hell will it take for them to get just ONE THING RIGHT?

    Is it possible the company exists solely to feed Cooper's paycheck? That dude will get nowhere with 'Discovery Labs CFO' on his resume. That particular fact DOES give me some solace.

    Call me FED UP with DSCO

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    • Sorry they dont employ idiots ; only dumb 150 Lb #$%$ ericticus.

    • I've taken all the pain I can stand. I threw in the towel to-day. I've been living and dying with this dog since Oct. 09 and I've run outa hope. This last #$%$ did it. The management is just so poor,and the future looks grimm. I've seen this show before at with another company that invented the little ID. chip- implant. You can only screw-up a fragile new company just so much and so many times and it reaches a tipping point. I think this stock is headed for the dumper. A hostile buy-out, a couple of golden parachutes, get the patent, and it's so long chumps!

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