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  • exclaimation May 9, 2013 4:20 PM Flag


    Ya been Coopered Again. Congratulations and condolences.

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    • youre right he nails the atm every year and screws the new shareholders thinking hes a sharp ceo. Like its been said before PRISON would be too good for this clown

    • Numbers don't lie, its was very obvious to anyone who looked that they had to issue stock or sell the company to an entity capable of bringing product to market and giving shareholders a return for their investment. Management chose to continue to enrich themselves at investors and infants expense which was my bet, you can't say I wasn't and up front about that. I'll be shopping bids for a new dock soon, thank you very much, but to be perfectly honest I wish these guys were honest and competent as I began as most on this site, LONG, and far prefer to make money by investing in company's that improve peoples lives and enrich their investors. If your skill set is a hope and a dream pick an ETF, this sector is treacherous and perverse which is unfortunate for patients who benefit from investments if real companies.

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      • I don't think it's a "choice" I honestly think they don't know how to do anything else. Cooper manned the CEF crank-handle for Capetola, then the 50 % dilution crank-handle for Amick, then they gave him the cap told him he's running the boat, what's he going to do ? He's still CFO as well, right ? Guy knows how to shift shares, and that's it.

        The thing I always found amazing was how the su ... people buying in at any point, always took the words of Roth, or, what was that woman's name, Kim something, from Global Hunter?, or ... who was it before?... Well anyway that they take these people as being authoritative and independent, and don't even pay attention when the same people wind up underwriting / managing the share issue. If anyone is being truly dishonest here it's these poxy analysts.

        I only looked in today as I was kind of bored, stopped following Disco months back after years of watching the same stuff play out, and guess what, the same stuff is still going on.

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