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  • gatabouts gatabouts Nov 19, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    Marketing News

    The first marketing news that comes out on the newly approved drug, and I believe, this will take off.

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    • Well, I continue to wait for a good dash in point so I can sell to the rubes when it goes up briefly.

      But gatabouts' post raises and interesting question... ie: "marketing news"

      Where is the "marketing news" on Afectair???

      Remember Afectair?
      DSCO's plastic nozzle that the FDA approved in February 2012. It was part of the reason DSCO has kept the entire sales/marketing team on staff... for 2 years now. since October 2011 when they were all hired for the Surfaxin launch... they weren't going to be doing nothing, they were going to be pushing Afectair. It was finally "launched" the end of December 2012 and was going to be given away free during a six month "user experience" roll out. By my calculation, that "free" period should have ended in June... yet the 3rd quarter 10Q shows zero revenues for the company.
      Can DSCO not sell Afectair nozzles to anybody? Does it work or not? Does it ONLY work with Surfaxin and not any other product? After a six month trial period, not even one NICU placed an order... a paid order?
      I sure hope the sales/marketing teams have better success with Surfaxin. It would be hilarious if DSCO is still trying to give Surfaxin away free to generate "user experience" a year from now. Maybe that is why DSCO is grabbing all the cash it can get it's hands on now... before anybody figures out the "user experience" is not all its cracked up to be......

      And for all the pumpers who will jump in and tell me I don't know what I am talking about... I have one thing to say... Jerry Maquire...

      ... Show Me The Money!

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