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  • spillworthy spillworthy Nov 20, 2013 10:16 PM Flag

    All these short sellers on the message board means?

    That they really need shares really bad. Who can blame them right? They sold shares that they do not own, or naked shorted to sell into the bid over and over to try to drop the price. They sold millions of shares to the longs. And now they want those shares back to cover their short. Good luck with that shorts. So then they get on the message board to try to convince investors to sell our shares back to them so that they can cover their short debt.
    Shorts, the stock is already cheap, and you sold borrowed shares to institutions by the millions, and they are not going to sell them back to you, nor do they panic. Your intimidation on message boards will not work especially when the stock price is already very cheap. Most of the buying is from institutions. If you read about institutional holdings, then you will finds that more institutions are in DSCO. And taking the stock price down even cheaper will only make the institutions and retail investors want to buy more as their dollar will go much further. When you shorts take the stock down even to a cheaper price, then investors just think wow, I already thought the 2 dollar price was a good deal, I think I will take advantage of the cheaper price and buy more. And then you shorts will add to a already insane amount of debt that you already have. Only you will grow that debt much faster at a lower price. If you want to sell me really cheap shares, then I won't stop you.
    DSCO is and has been on the REG SHOW LIST FOR a week, and there is hundreds of thousands of shares unreported daily = naked short shares = fails to deliver. Institutions hold 60% of the float. The 25 million shares that DSCO diluted at $2.00 a share went directly to 3 different institutions who wanted the shares. Those shares never hit the market. DSCO float is still small. A short squeeze will be huge when it happens as you shorts also sold borrowed shares to the institutions, not just investors. If you take it down, then I will buy much more.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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