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  • charlesliew73 charlesliew73 Jun 30, 2013 11:05 PM Flag

    Current Status

    Can anyone tell what is the progress of CVBT now?

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    • Currently the interim board is defending the proxy results against a challenge by the ousted Montano. I thought I read somewhere that this should be resolved in 30 days but I am having trouble finding that source now so I could be wrong. Assuming they defend successfully and the new mgmt. remains in place, I hope an announcement from the new BOD follows quickly with news of next steps and priorities of which I trust that the search and appointment of a new and effective CEO with industry background will be top of the list. Second on the list should be to obtain substantial less-dilutive funding needed to close out existing trials and resume next phase trials or sign a licensing/development agreement.

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      • It is sad what has become of cvbt. you people really underestimate mr montano and the power that he still possesses. you guys are holding up many deals that were ready to be closed and are likely gone now because of these hostile acts. mr montano will prevail but it will take a much longer time to get these deals back on the table. the greed and backstabbing of people once highly trusted really surprising. the power of money splitting once friends and even family apart. these people have sinned and will pay the price 100 fold in the end.