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  • keltset_99 keltset_99 Aug 11, 2009 5:03 PM Flag

    The response the other poster got from IR

    Seems to be what we as shareholders want to hear.


    The Company is faced with having to issue a number of shares to the debt holders. The choice of the Company is to come to an understanding with the debt holders that minimizes the dilution for all shareholders. However, the debt holders have the right to accept or not accept any proposal. The winning of the grant greatly strengthens the position of the Company."

    We know they HAVE to pay their debt, wouldn't want it any other way. Minimizing dilution is good, paying cash is even better seeing as shareholders are not anyone's private piggy-bank. But an appropriate amount of dilution for what's owed. One Billion shares is ridiculous, and a reverse split is just adding more insult to injury. I am sure the DOE doesn't want that kind of negative press for their chosen infrastructure grant recipient either.

    IMO, they will get it worked out to the satisfaction of all, and then we can get past this and look forward to an amazing future as the new electric transport economy is rolled out.

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