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  • bts0817 bts0817 Sep 22, 2004 10:12 AM Flag


    You know that KKD guy may have had a point. Baja is bust. TH is not going to pull us out of this. WEN just seems lost and floundering. After today's news we are not digging out of this hole any time soon.

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    • Nothing wrong with day-trading as far as I'm concerned. If you have the ability to do it, more power to you. Afterall, there's more than one way to make money in the stock market. I just don't think I'd be able to do it without going a little bit nuts.

    • Thanks for the stock tips-- I'll check'em out. Here are a few I like with what appears much more upside than downside potential:

    • ndt

      You seem to understand what many don't. Perspective is everything. I'm not an investor. I'm a trader. I measure profits in minutes per position, not days. The only long-term hold in my portfolio right now is STKL and TOMO --- and I may soon add ARMHY and TRY. However, I much prefer in and out.

      I like WEN long term. However, I think mgmt has made some miscues lately --- but I can't complain too much about that because it caused a ton of volatility and I love that.

      Wish you well. Make a ton and retire.

    • I largely read the tape so that list changes daily. Some stocks I'm playing with right now are

      STKL --- like it's upside potential

      TOMO --- this could be a killer long but has amazing intra day ups and down

      TRY --- This is ARBY's with a huge twist. Looks like they're trying to set up a mini-Hathaway.

      ARMHY --- way oversold but will be a slugfest back up.

      TBUS --- wouldn't want to own this crap overnight but it has huge intraday swings lately.

      BBY --- making it up and down on this. I still think retail may not hold up over next two quarters but this company is proving me wrong so far

      WFMI --- Was long and then recently short on this category killer health food company. I think it's stuck right now and we'll have to see how recent expansion gets digested.

      Finally, for long, long term I like WEN but am very disappointed with the Baja acquisition and am tired of hearing about how TH will take the firm out of the woods.

    • Bts, if you're day trading, then from your perspective, WEN probably is a stiff. As I said earlier, I think this stock could trend down a few bucks from here. But I'm not very concerned with the short term fundamentals because I'm not trying to turn a profit in the next day, week, or month. I look for stocks that have a good chance of rising 25 to 50% in the next 12 months. Since 1990, every significant drop in WEN (except the one in 1997) has turned out to be an excellent buying opportunity. And if you bought during the 1997 drop, you had to wait about 2 years to make money but that was during a period when WEN earnings were falling. For someone with a little patience, this looks like a great investment to me.

    • Look, right now WEN is a stiff. Period. End of story. At one time the stock was a superb investment but mgmt seems mired in miscues lately. For starters, Baja was a terrible mistake. For follow up, Tim Horton's may be a category killer in Canada but WEN's simply cannot pin its hopes (or credibility on Wall Street) to that play. Sort of like buying Costa Rica's hottest salsa plant.

      More critically, WEN just put in a second shoulder and penetrated through a trendline on the charts. I see nothing in the pipeline that will auger well for fundamentals and the technicals suck. As to blaming the hurricanes --- okay, I understand some of that --- but remember that some forecasters are claiming that we're entering a new 30 year trend of increasing hurricanes. So . . . as I said before you better start factoring in the placement of the revenue producing stores.

      And for your information I did not buy WEN at $40. I am a day trader and merely looking for momentum. This stock looks like a falling rock for now and I'll keep playing the short/put side. If I see intraday opportunities to buy, then I'll buy without any apologies. Nothing personal. Just business.

    • "this company's a stiff"?? This company has two terrific brands and baja still has plenty of potential. Wendy's is hitting a soft patch....It's nothing to panick about. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Are you waiting for the stock to go back to $40 before you get excited and buy the stock?
      Actually, you sound like someone who bought the stock at $40 when most of the analysts were upgrading it.
      By the way, I sold at 39 and 41, and started buying again at 36.
      Also, the "canadian donut company" is likely the most profitable QSR brand in north america (relative to the size of the market it serves)

    • blah, blah, blah --- if you liked it at $40 you will love it at $30 and you are really going to be head over heels at $25. How come none of you geniuses suggested that we sell at $37 and buy back at $32? Face it --- this company's a stiff. And don't tell me about that Canadian donut company or Baja. Time to totally revamp. Wall Street's voted and the returns aren't good at all.

    • nonsense...Baja news will now improve, TH grows fast in the US, beef prices will fall around election time, 05 eps soon come into view which makes the stock very cheap, AND investors conference next week details new growth initiatives from this solid management.The downgrades from "analysts" today are the usual bogus, bottom creating bull.

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