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  • bullvsbear6 bullvsbear6 Apr 21, 2011 9:53 AM Flag

    grapevine says to be loading up,

    looks like its coiled up to test 5 a share

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    • No need to be sorry, my logic seems to be right on. They announce they will raise prices and pps goes up!

      •Wendy's Narrows Loss, Will Raise Prices at 11:45AM EDT

      And like I said in my first post, MCD only gets 1/3 of it's revenue from the US. Most of it's revenue comes in the form of stronger currencies that gets exchanged for a higher USD amount. WEN needs to capitalize on that too!

    • Another poster said it best a few days back; put Arby's best sellers on the the WEN menu, and either convert A. to W. or dump those locations.

      Which makes sense. That way, WEN has control of their "new image" and can really turn both shops, and the stock, into something spectacular.

      I ate today again at a Carl's / Green Burrito. Because it was on the way to my destination, and I was hungry. I knew what to expect, and it was good. Two very simple and inexpensive, yet tasty, items.

      There were probably 15 people inside dining at the drive thru had regular traffic in the 20 min. I was there.

      Again, proof that a combined menu can be very successful.

      WEN has some very tasty items also, and should lose the non sellers and get on with promoting those which are the quickest to serve, and the highest profit margin.

      Forget the Chinese Chix or this or that New item.

      Just make an Outstanding product every time, that customers can count on tasting the same at any location. Even if it's just a handful, like In and Out Burger does.

      It's called the K.I.S.S. approach. Folks go to WEN for burgers, fries, and drinks. And it's the Taste of the burgers, just like why some go to other chains. One craves, or wants a particular taste.

      Ever had a Del Taco Double Cheese Burger?

      When you have, you won't forget how good it is. And when you want it, you'll go get it.

      I don't even know how important the breakfast menu gig is. Coffee is important. But other than that, you can feed me or most folks "whatever ya got on the grill", so to speak. If we're hungry, we really will order something.

      Maybe having One Signature Breakfast Sandwich and Breakfast Fries, that's it. But if your coffee is either fresh and tasty enuf, or 99 cents for 12 oz. or whatever, folks'll try your "Only One, and You're Done! Breakfast menu. Or "Just Two, Just for You!" (meaning dollars, for a breakfast wrap and small coffee, no substitutions, whatever.

      Just trying to turn this tanker into a turnaround. Shareholders aren't fools, and we all eat. And do have choices where to, and why we do.

    • Does your grapevine have a name or a link? Sorry but an unknown grapevine could be your co-worker saying they are buying some shares! LOL

      I won't pretend to have a clue where it's going, but it is consolidating big time day after day, so there will be a move up or down that is pretty strong eventually.

      I've set aside enough to buy 4x my current holdings if a move either way begins...I'll either buy the break out or wait for a bottom to buy if there's a move down, although that seems unlikely.

      Any margin weakness from recent commodity costs should be priced in at this point, and I would have to imagine the new fries buzz has helped sales, so my best guess is a move up.

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