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  • marketflop99 marketflop99 Mar 29, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    Wen vs MCD..please


    Wendy's tastes better, but i own MCD stock. Why? Management!!! Wen = POOR, MCD = GREAT.

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    • It used to be back in the 1980's that Wendy's fries were big. Now, they are the same size as McD's pinky things but taste worse because WEN uses lower quality potatoes, at least they do here where I am at.

      I really would like WEN to bring back those big fat fries and not those 50% grease & fly feces mixed with potato paste they use today.

      WEN's soft drinks taste watered down.

      Stupid carpeted floors nothing but filth magnets. Get rid of carpeting. I bet WEN could save a lot of money doing away with it.

      Ack, why am I bothering? I have all but quit eating at WEN, McD's, BK KYC, and all the others because the staff hardly speaks English.

      The new thing these days is 5-guys. WEN might want to try to emlulate them.

    • Hopefully you mean upper management; those making the corporate decisions. Where I live, I find the restaurant management to be above many of it's peers, including McD's.

    • I have been nickle trading since they got into ARBY's and between 2007 and upto now WEN has not executed properly. Every new product came out ARBY ate away the lunch. Like Crammer was pridicting in 2008-2009 WEN to $24 and I bought it at dip at $3 to $4 and nickle trading. Divy stinks v/s MCD gives yeaild of 2.8% and mkt cap of $100 billion and Wen on books have been shrinking with ARBY's. WEN need better mkting and raise divy otherwise it will stay in good time not more then $6 that is it.

      It is dead money ..Jan 1 if got like me BAC you would have doubled but WEN still for 5 years same place. IMHO it is DUMP stock or dream for penny swinger.

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      • good summation. i am still in holding on long position. am giving it until late fall to see if changes bear fruit. yes, yield sucks. an increase in div vs. additional costs for store upgrades seems worthwhile for PPS valuation. i like a previous post of offering toys for tots. get a Wendy's happy meal going. no investment $ other than marketing costs.

    • While you are correct in your comparison-at least in recent years, both stocks show promise. MCD has advantages of scale, cost, and recognition. WEN strives for higher quality and better service. Both can suceed and make money with different styles of operation. Personally I like MCD for speed and lower price, but WEN for higher quality and more personalized service. As an investment MCD is the safer bet, but WEN has more upside potential in my opinion.(I'm thinking WEN as a takeover/buyout candidate too).
      Disclosure-I am long on both WEN & MCD. I eat at both too.

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      • Grandchildren were taken by grandmother to Mcds last night. Both got a Happy Meal. One for the food the other strictly for the toy. Happy Meal fries were punny and soft. The extra large fries Grandma bought were hot but soft. Thank God for ranch dressing.

        Wendy's fries are superior by far. This morning I wrote to Wendy's Corp and gave them some ideas. Wendy's just does not draw parents and their children. They have nothing a child wants and certainly not the food designated for children's meals. Wendy's will do well over time. I have no intention to jump out and time my reentry. In the meantime I go when I want a clean place with good food. I will admit my favorite is the baked potato with a bowl of chili.

    • Over the next year, I would hope WEN out performs MCD.

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