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  • spangles4444 spangles4444 Feb 27, 2013 6:16 PM Flag

    Shorts--Big Jump----Big Bets---Big fight going on--Downgrades are bull--postings are Bull

    Settlement Date--- Short Interest--- Avg Daily Share Volume---- Days To Cover

    2/15/2013 -----------15,237,750 ---------------4,332,300----------------3.517243

    1/31/2013 ------------12,840,507 --------------3,151,310----------------4.074657

    1/15/2013 ------------13,130,009 --------------2,870,550 --------------4.574039

    12/31/2012 -----------13,209,083--------- -----2,635,712 --------------5.011581

    12/14/2012 -----------14,015,508 --------------2,971,861 --------------4.716071

    11/30/2012 -----------14,615,956 -------------2,478,624-------------- 5.896802

    11/15/2012 -----------11,778,589--------------3,976,483-------------- 2.962062

    10/31/2012 -----------13,053,365 -------------1,850,675 --------------7.053299

    10/15/2012 -----------12,806,649 -------------3,026,734 -------------4.231178

    9/28/2012 ------------12,186,388 -------------3,327,207 -------------3.662648

    9/14/2012 ------------14,336,994 -------------2,308,159 -------------6.211441

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    • I don't see having more shorts here as a good thing at all. If the volume dries up , then what? Does anyone else see it the way I do?

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      • 1 Reply to porchoggs
      • Mr. Porch--copy & Bing this all below--it will take you to site--Key words "extreme desire"--trust me
        that will apply here to WEN
        The stronger a stock's price performance is, the more pain will be felt by people who are short a stock

        On the other hand, a stock experiencing powerful upward performance, or even making new 52-week highs, can cause an extreme desire by short traders to exit their trades. This is done by buying stock, which can initiate a chain reaction of buying interest to surge into a stock. This powerful market force is called a short squeeze.

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    • Ya-all have-en fun, I am !!
      How ya like to be these guys--Just added 3 Million shorts last couple weeks?
      Bet they are chewing their cigars today !!

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    • If WEN does not slip or trip, I do not see how price goes down
      That leaves sideways & up---UP builds pressure on them
      A Sqeeze would be fun--for me anyway
      That is a big bet almost 3 mil more shares shorted in about two weeks
      You are seeing a big battle right now--no doubt about it (volume shows it)

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