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  • stockingup_1999 stockingup_1999 May 9, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

    P/E ratio

    I am looking at entering a short term trading position (less than 30 days). I was looking at MCD and I compared the chart to WEN and noticed the large drop in price on WEN. However, is yahoo correctly showing WEN with a P/E over 300? If so there is no way I am entering a position in WEN, and good luck to all longs. Please respond and let me know if that P/E ratio is correct. GLA

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    • The PE should be around 27.
      Must be a misprint.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Now yahoo shows WEN with an EPS of -.01, therefore no P/E ratio. I read the article stating 2013 earning outlook raised to .22 that would still put a P/E ratio above that of MCD. Maybe WEN could be a long term play here, but in the short term it appears the share price will deliver some more pain. I chose to enter a new position in MCD. Appears the trend is turning in MCD and could hopefully make a few % in the next week or two. GLA

    • a little history, during the Dave days we owned Tim Hortons (you see on advertisements all over the hockey NHL) which is a succesfl Canadian restarurnt company famous for their coffee). After the spin and the value of this taken out of WEN the stock never recovered to the charting years you see on this stock. I have owned WEN for many, many years and inheriated Tim Horton stock which has done very well. WEN will likely soon be a buyout target from someone like YUM for around $7.50 which is cheap. I do see the low $10's if not if you are looooong. The deal is that while you wait (if you believe in WEN game plan) you can get a decent current yield off the divvy. I am loooong as always here.

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    • Well I for one am a long (2-3 years min at this point) i don't care about PE. I am looking at management, financing, and image activation turnaround program project (to be in full steam by end of 2015). Company has hit every area you can expect to turn this thing around. If you are short term, ya I guess PE plays a roll, but in my view this is not a short term play, IMHO., but welcome aboard if you play it anyway.

      You do gete a divy though. Helps a little.


    • "Wendy's Co. cited a refinancing benefit for raising its 2013 adjusted earnings outlook to 20 cents to 22 cents per share"

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