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  • pricewowens pricewowens Nov 7, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    $5 stock masquerading as a $8 stock

    When you look at the hype and then just look at the numbers there is no growth here and little expectation that earnings will increase big. Flat sales does not lend itself to outpaced earnings. Look at the forward estimates and give it a fast food multiple and you have a $5 stock. Anything higher is a big time short especially when the euphoria in stocks ends.

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    • Fast Food is #$%$ food'.That being said Wendy`s and Arby`s are the best of the #$%$' food.How anyone can eat McDonald`s is beyond me.My advice is to push quality and add some healthy items.

    • Wendys will keep sliding down to the $6.40 range..... That is where the battle between longs and shorts will take place to see if it holds or drops to $5.00.... Wendys got way ahead of was obvious..... Those of you that love it here will be able to keep averaging down..... Just my opinion....

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Price I really hope you are correct. I plan on adding to my position many more times. I hope it goes to $4

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      • You won't see $4 on this stock. I am guessing that $7 might be possible. The market is forgiving and it will take two lack luster earnings reports to debunk the optimistic expectations that were generated by mgmt. We had one flat report and it will be next qtr if they report flat sales again that will bring this stock down. My guess is that it took off from the low $6 level and that is where it might go. When the stock dropped to high $7's on earnings I sold some 7 puts on my short to generate income. When next earnings come out I don't want to have any puts open though as that might be when we see the 7's.

      • I put a fire sell order in just in case he was right, just freed up some money as one of my other small caps popped, now I am chasing this small cap because it has a div. Only got 25% of my desired position. Will buy on the days the market sells off.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Stupid people like yourself say things like that when people are emotional. If you were standing next to me today pal, you would be picking your yellow rotting teeth up off the ground if you could fin em... Ignored

    • U are so wrong....what about all the bakeries we own, and the opportunity of freezer departments with the pretzel bun like White Castle and others.....all upcoming, storong buy below $10

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I thought like you do, and when WEN hit near $6 a few months back I sold my low basis for a handsome profit. I had purchased on the assumption that little cap WEN would rise as a takeover target OR management would figure out how to improve their miserable margin.

      I was wrong. It went momo, close to TEN BUCKS. Now it's taking a momo correction.

      But a $4-5 stock? Unlikely IMO. Not any more. It's still poorly managed, which means potential.

    • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Nov 7, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

      I agree, but my target is $4.00. All this euphoria came about in the first place due to the launch of the pretzel burger. Before that fad exploded, this stock was a solid $4.00 dud. And here we are, at the top of the pretzel bun popularity, and this is the best report they have to offer? And the irony is, looking forward, the comps will be incredibly hard to beat. The odds of them coming up with another blockbuster like the pretzel burger are slim to none. That new brioche hamburger they just announced is going to bomb, as will everything else they throw at the wall in hopes it will stick. It is their histroy. A history of failures again and again. The pretzel burger was a one-off, lucky anamoly that took the market by surprise, that's all it was. And as far as their remodeling effort goes, their rate of store remodels is way too slow (i.e, less than 6% per year). It will not move the revenue needle in time to save this stock from 50% decline from current level. This will be a buy again at $4.00.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • we will hit 10 this year and 18 over the next 36 months ... so please short

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      • I put my first short in before earnings. Only 500 shares but I will likely hold until we drift down to 7. Likely sell the 7 strike puts for income to close this out. Will let someone else make any additional money on the drop below 7. Then move on to the next candidate. Too many other short prospects to waste too much time in this stock.

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