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  • myharleyplan myharleyplan Oct 18, 2002 12:46 PM Flag

    Change - West or AH???

    Very well put Atzzzz45. You and Formercasulty hit the nail on the head . I beleive that AH just dont understand what they have out west, And L.W. is placing a lot of power in someone that obviousley doesnt have a clue himself either to make those calls. I agree that changes are good, When they are good changes.Can anyone say with 100% confidence that the changes that have happened will be good and directly impact shareholder value
    There seems to be so much trash about the Belle operations lately on this board But i have been told that L.W. Himself was on site a few weeks back and left the Colony Plant operations, Lets say less than happy. It seems to me this company has more problems than the plants in Belle Fourche, In the past year both colony plants have had new managers installed, As well as Belle Fourche, And there supervisor as well. Or is this problem just one man doing what is best, Or just taking a stab at what he thinks is best and hoping like hell it will work out. At a time like this a quote from E.Weaver comes to mind
    BUT THEN THINGS ARE QUIT NEVER AS BAD AS THEY SEEM EITHER) WHO KNOWS? Time will tell , I think there are rougher waters ahead, Hang on Thar she blows !!!!!!!! Dammm