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  • atg4808 atg4808 Oct 20, 2002 8:23 PM Flag

    Change - West or AH???

    I agree with your comment that the 'man upstairs' needs to pay more attention to what is going on in management - but I do not for one second agree that management personnel does not have experience. Most of your ACO plant managers - both those employed now and those recently let go - have worked their way up from the low-level labor jobs. Your comment about the new contractor and his lack of experience is, in my opinion, unfounded. He began where all other ACO employees begin - and he has just moved onto a different perspective of the business. He knows the business - and I am not saying that the old contractor didn't know anything because they did - I want to emphasize that. Things change. But, most ACO plant management does know the in's and the out's of the process.
    You do have a valid point that AH needs to take a look at what is going on. Maybe not just AH but The Board needs to see what is going on also...

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    • I haven't been on this site for quite some time but I felt I had to reply to the past post # 1086, the contractor that worked his way up, couldn't be any farther from the truth. He was handed a contract because the buddy system and lack of the board or ACC management watching what is going on in the plants. He hasn't been involved in the bentonite for the past 10 years, and in that time was involved in a law suit with ACC and yes he did win, but not because he was doing his job so well, but because of the hand book that ACC used to have. Someone pissed someone off and thats how you loose an ACC contract not for the lack of the jjob your doing.

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      • We have a fundamental right to give our opinion, and that is what you are doing; along with myself. The only difference is that I think a lot of individuals would agree that the new contractor started as a hourly employee at ACC and then worked his way up to management. Depsite his discharge and his fortunate ability to sue on the Employee handbook, as you so state - that has no bearing on the job that he is doing now. It is unfortunate that plant managers and corporate personnel alike have a status of at will employees because it seems that at the drop of the hat an individual could be discharged - for reason or no reason. That seems to be a deterrent to force individuals to not give 100% to the company knowing that at any time, a nice car could drive down the dusty ACC road and unload from it individuals far removed from actual happenings at ACO and fire personnel. You cannot honestly tell me, and I do mean honestly tell me, that if it were possible, the previous Trucking Company wouldn't have sued ACO for something when they lost their contract. They were just not as fortunate because ACO has covered its tracks... and that's how the law works these days.
        It's always nice to get the flip-side of the opinion but that's what it is: Opinion. And no matter how much anyone pushes to change an opinion, I'm sticking with mine and I hope you stick with yours. The talk of hauling contractors can be easily resolved: when the contract comes due again - bid lower than what was bid before. If you are not awarded the contract even after giving the lowest bid - you can sue and then in times to come - we can talk about the lawsuit that was brought on the hauling contract just like we are talking about this lawsuit of the past.
        Hmmm... if only we knew what the future will bring