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  • oldretiredman2002 oldretiredman2002 Nov 13, 2002 12:34 AM Flag

    ACC ?

    Not real sure how the ACC Business end is doing. It's so hard to tell at this point but things should start to show up in the near future.......Good or bad.

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    • I couldn�t agree more with Atg4808. I want to know what the hell is going on. I�m a long time poster to this site and trying to keep my confidentially, so I have a new profile. Remember 9 times out of 10 the signs lead to the truth. If we only would have listen to the signs with Enron and Global Crossing. I think this is a sign. Yea, M&A is nice but if you don�t have a strong management staff to control it� let�s go short.

    • Biker man,
      I only know this company from an investment standpoint only. What I type is info I get from this and other threads along with a vacationing investment broker or two. Pulled an all niter to get the boat ready for the big Thanksgiving rush. Was reading back away and didn't see the answer to the foundry sand/clay question. Can someone from the inside answer??? From the type you�re out there. (Helmet head maybe)

    • That is a great post (thanks) Makes one think of Halloween With monsters and witches ,rednecks and moonshine wow. But tip the rest of us as to a guess of what she might have as you have mentioned she has something others dont , Ok maybe you better not, Some things are better off left unwrapped for sure. But ones imagination can only be frightened by this scarey scenario.
      Hooterville that surely must be another storey , One can only imagine what happens there , Or is this a secret code word for a corporate hangout.Happy trails

    • Question One:
      With the foundry sector down, what impact is Volclay going to have on the bottom line at a business unit and corporate level.
      Question Two:
      Heard of a synthetic replacement to William Taylor invention but needs some local and state approvals. Rumor or Fact.
      Question Three:
      With customer consumption down, what�s the outlook on Cat Litter�
      (This one is a joke)

      • 1 Reply to redwilmathree
      • Not really sure what you are asking in 1. As far as synthetic is concerned, there have been numerous ways of modifying clay characteristics and end use applications chemically for many years and there will be more in the future. They have to be competitive in use and cost wise that is very difficult to do without a major change in application. If you have specifics please provide what info you can.
        To cut down on litter consumption I taught my cat to use the toilet but he sure has a hard time with flushing!