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  • ZZ2BoCo4U ZZ2BoCo4U Oct 28, 2003 7:55 PM Flag

    Split-Priced to Dump or For Sale

    I still stand firm on my comments as far as upper managements so call investing in "THE COMPANY" all we have seen on the "INSIDER TRADING" board is purchases as options price at $2 + a share and then dumping at market value a week or so later or same day. MMmm that's sure investing in the company! Check out the pass 2 monthes as to "who has sold and who has bought". Looks to me and us other kitty boys that the 230,000 + shares dump will make a fine XMAS present . One must love free enterprise and the American way !

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    • Yes it did run enough . You have never gotten your hands dirty have you ! Come and see what a honest days work is like instead of knocking down us litter throwers and our concerns (investing)and being here day in day out so others can cash in , when they have the inside scoop and we hae to second guess what way the market will sway and what and how we should plan for our nice to know what is the inside scoop and what direction it's being thrown !!!!! You have so much trash talk for one who hasn't posted till just the pass few days!

    • If you "checked in more" you would see Z and some other one time posters trying to run this issue down since before $10. I see one from Z which certainly is suggesting everyone get out at $11. I don't see you anywhere in the last six months- at least not as oohaybull.
      If there are other presumably disgruntled worker posts they seem few and far between, almost nonexistent.
      You bet your ass I am a cheerleader for ACO. If you are a long term holder you should enjoy that.
      You should also appreciate the picturebook short squeeze we are witnessing.

    • Sorry, but your detective skills need some work. I'm a buy and hold investor and this is but one of a number of companies that I hold shares in and have for many years. I seldom check into this board because there is seldom anything of interest going on here. The typical contributors (oldguy and algo, etc) seem to be very knowledgeable investors but are very quiet most of the time. It is all too common for this board to be taken up with a disgruntled employee who is mad at someone above him but would not know how to express it other than to damn everyone. And who needs that?
      If you choose to be a pumper and find value in that,well, be my guest. This company is worthy of that. Are you?

    • I have never worked for ACO. I don't think I'm in their league. Thankfully I can invest with these outstanding people. I have been doing this for many years now.
      I think you have exposed yourself as having little knowledge of ACO's history or it's vision or it's plan to achieve that vision.
      My pure speculation here is that perhaps you are being crushed like a grape in a nasty short squeeze. Get out on dips because this issue is marching all the way to midcap in just a few years.

    • JMS you are exposing yourself as a supreme suck-up! Does ENRON appear on your resume? How long have you worked at ACO?
      Z has voiced legitamite concerns that are the echo of Enron yet he does it from a them versus me (oh, poor me, I'll be a victim!!) attitude.
      Z, if it bothers you so much to hold a stock that is up in territory never before seen (pps), and your job slinging bags of litter is no longer a challenge then quit, sell your shares if your profit sharing/savings plan allows, and go get one of those rip-off management jobs that pays off with unfair stock options that carry immediate tax consequences and oh yeah-require commitment and performance and then you can jump on the gravy train, too. Did that run-on enough??

    • Your analysis might hold more weight if you learned to spell and use proper grammar zz2BoCo4u! Are you dumb or just have big thumbs??

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      • Nervous Kitty is spooked when investing
        I�m just a little nervous since I�ve got the bulk of my 401k tied up in Colloid stock and most of that being in the$13 - $15 range. I �m hoping like others to be able to cash in at the right time and not take a bath so other can reep the benifits ��Gee that new Hog would looks nice in the drive�. My math�s right and I do get a little leery when I see upper management sell off their $2 option stock and I start thinking is there is a down hill trend going on like last time. And yes I�m sorry for my spelling, but I didn�t have enough time on break to proof read my post.