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  • I didn't sense enthusiasm from analysts. Maybe I am biased, but I liked what company had to say. Any corrections appreciated. N. American metalcasting market is flat due to some drop in autos, which are 60% of ACO mineral sales (or is just N. American sales), but there is overall growth thanks to international. Railcars are 10% of sales and somewhat higher margins. They have pricing power, but are continuously behind the curve as oil prices keep rising, so margins still not back to where they used to be. New consumer products using ACO detergents have not yet taken off, but Asian market where they have expanded is beginning to make a difference, and will drive detergent sales up, even if new consumer products don't take off, which they very well might. Oil field related sales are increasing dramatically and there is still lots of post Katrina work. Despite very good environmental sales in traditionally slow first qtr. (even excluding oil), they will get normal seasonal boost. Warshow sounded more optimistic than usual about shorter term (by end of year) nanocor sales. By end of year hope to have sufficient data that they can exploit anti-viral applications of bentonite: labs are so busy in general it is slowing things down. Sounds like they expect more acquisition activity than very slow acq. last year. Analysts did ask about receivables and cash flow, but I can't take this seriously given good answers, and hopefully analysts don't either once they reflect.

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