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  • tp03192003 tp03192003 Aug 30, 2006 11:20 PM Flag

    Sure trying hard

    Someone sure is trying hard to drive ACO into the ground. He's having a tough time though as buyers keep stepping up.

    Have to wait and see who gives out first.

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    • Just my thoughts , it just seem that to me it seems that ( old_guy_gt) sure has a lot to say! With all his magical charts and input he has to offer up. Look back thru his history of messages ---At one point he has pom poms out doing a cheer, buy buy buy then he starts spelling out doom - sell sell sell. My thoughts is he is creating the swings in the stock price , the (sound of money) of him buying and selling with his swaying the stock price by some of his postings ! Most likely he don't have dirty hands from working at one of the plants , because he would know that sales are brisk, hours are long to try to keep up and there is constant construction,expanding and up grading being done to keep up with sales demands. So take him for a grain of salt with his postings. Smoking mirrors and magical chart is all he has shown me.