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  • steve_382 steve_382 Feb 12, 2007 6:48 PM Flag

    Insider Holdings

    I was just checking the latest SEC filings and noticed that Leslie A Weaver has shared or sole control of over 14% of the shares outstanding. Does anyone here know the history of the Weavers and how they relate to Amcol. Are they just private investors? Thanks.

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    • Well, I suppose seeing insider buys is always preferable to seeing insider sales, but in reality 2000 shares is not meaningful, either on the buy side or the sell side.

      Now, if I see *multiple* large purchases (10K+ shares) by *more than one insider*, I'll feel much more reassured.

      Either way, I think we've reached the end of this out-of-proportion sell-off in ACO, and unless the fundamentals of the co. somehow suddenly unexpectedly deteriorate over the next few weeks, I think any entry at or near current levels will be seen as a good move.

      I hope I don't end up eating my own words. LOL

      All the best.

    • I agree...hard to understand the severe sell-off in the stock given the recent not-so-bad EA.

      I think part of the "problem" is the company's diversity--both in terms of its various business segments and in terms of its presence on various continents--which makes it difficult for the average investor to really understand ACO, its business models, and the impact of currency exchange rates and such on revenue.

      As you point out, the company's businesses tend to be cyclical, and it's possible that at any given time not all the different business segments may be in synchrony with one another, which would make predicting the future of the business as a whole rather difficult.

      Add to that the fact that ACO does not provide analyst guidance, and I think you've got a confusing picture which might keep would-be investors away from an otherwise good stock.


    • Old Guy passed away. Stock looks undervalued to me, but it does have exposure to cyclical industries. I certainly don't understand reaction to the quarterly report.

    • Also can't speak for algo, but agree with JMS that ACO is a very good buy here. As for apparent support at $24.50-25.00, I don't believe there's much to read into this. There were a couple of recent bounces around this range which could be providing technical support. There's also the fact that last Summer's support at 22 roughly corresponds to current support at 24.50 on a PE basis. My perspective is that the market over-reacted to a single quarter for little apparent reason. The stock was trading at a PE of around 18 with expectations of 22% YOY growth. That was really cheap already. OP was up 22% for the quarter and the company still had a 12% EPS increase despite some Q1 GSA problems in one of their strong growth areas (not a bad place to be leading on GSA). Management appears to be good at controling costs and margins, so I'm optimistic that the OP line will carry through in future quarters and GSA will come into line.

    • I can't speak for Algo but I'm buying at this level. 12 times next years earnings. Based on history, if it achieves $2 in earnings we'll be looking at an eighty cent dividend.
      Price action is deceptive. It is easily manipulated because there is almost no float. This is a buy and hold forever stock.

    • The Weaver family are some of the founders of American Colloid Company. I'm sure that other frequent users of this board can give you more details.

    • The weavers are a legacy family of AMCOL. I believe one or two of them are on the board, but they are pretty much hands off from the operations.