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  • algo41 algo41 Jul 22, 2007 10:47 PM Flag

    Shorting ACO

    Short positions stats for July show short position on ACO increasing from an already high 2.8 mil to 3.2 mil. I doubt these are primarily retail investors since I don't recall a lot (any?) short postings to this message board.

    I just cannot figure out what they were banking on, other than McKendrick insider sale (which is also surprising given how well environmental was doing, although he wouldn't have known about big increase in JV profits).

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    • Well, it looks like some of those shorts are covering today. I procrastinated a little for the last couple weeks and didn't sell any when I mentioned it before. I did sell a little today. I'm not negative at all on the stock, just had too much of it after buying on the dip a few months ago. Still have a full position for now.

    • More than 10% short on a healthy growing company, arguably undervalued as well. Ought to be a monumental short squeeze.

    • I think is must be mostly hedge funds. As the market continues to gain ground, they probably add to their short positions. Several other stocks I follow have had similar increases. I doubt that most of the large hedge funds have bashers posting on the Yahoo message boards. Those posters are probably smaller "want to be's". The hedge funds can probably hold their shorts a little longer even when the position goes against them, since they are more diversified.

      I added more shares of ACO back around $25 and may take a little profit. The recent run moved ACO above my 10% holding level. I try to keep about 10 stocks (not smart enough to follow more than that).