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  • algo41 algo41 Dec 13, 2007 10:18 AM Flag

    minor bad news for ACO?

    I think it was in Time that I read about hybride. It waterproofs concrete by including a new molecule in its formulation. These things always seem to take longer to be adopted than you would think, but it could decrease sales for one of ACO's product lines, if I have things straight.

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    • Good find Algo. They are stressing membrane free construction. Here is the Time article, followed by the company website.

      Hycrete A late bloomer finds a market for his grandfather's waterproof concrete U.S. It wasn't until his grandfather Michael Rhodes died in 2002, at age 82, that David Rosenberg gave up his career as a competitive fencer and put his M.B.A. to work turning the scientist's invention into a bona fide business. "I wanted to carry on his legacy," says Rosenberg, 35.

      Rhodes, who was a chemist by training, had devised a water-based liquid in 1994 that makes concrete waterproof. Called Hycrete, short for hydrophobic concrete, the substance is added to concrete before it dries. Hycrete is a modified water molecule that, once it dries, takes on the properties of oil in order to repel water.

      Conventional waterproofing involves wrapping dry concrete in a layer of plastic or tarlike material; mixing in Hycrete takes just a few minutes. Not only does this speed construction, but it's also more eco-friendly. "Twelve percent of landfill is concrete," says Rosenberg, because regular waterproofing makes it difficult to recycle.

      Hycrete-infused concrete can be broken down and reused as raw material (along with cement, water and sand) to make more concrete. The product has been used in everything from a birdbath at the Bronx Zoo to a fountain in the Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park. Although Rosenberg's fencing career was foiled, he admits that Grandpa would have been "extremely excited" to see his work come to fruition.

      Company Website and general info

      Sustainable Concrete Construction Solutions

      Waterproof Concrete System

      Concrete is an unrivaled construction material that constantly evolves to meet new demands for value and sustainability. At Hycrete, we are proud to be part of this evolution. We provide concrete producers, builders, designers, and owners with modern concrete construction solutions that deliver cost savings, schedule acceleration, and sustainable construction solutions. We focus on mission-critical subgrade, grade, and super grade water and corrosion protection. Applications include deep foundation slabs and walls, podium and plaza decks, roof, parking and tunnel structures.

      Our technologies deliver integral waterproofing that eliminate the need for external membranes, coatings and sheeting treatments. With our solutions, concrete is batched with Hycrete liquid admixtures to achieve hydrophobic performance (less than 1% absorption under BSI-1881 122). Hycrete Admixtures transform concrete from an open network of capillaries and cracks into an ultra-low absorptivity, waterproof, protective building material. Our Hycrete Elite Waterproofing System consists of Hycrete hydrophobic concrete delivered through local concrete suppliers, construction support, and a comprehensive performance warranty. The key feature of this construction approach is the elimination of the entire external waterproofing process. The benefits are extensive:

      Simplified design
      Reduced material demands
      Increased site mobility
      Safer conditions
      Project acceleration
      Hycrete concrete provides a high value, sustainable approach to waterproofing and corrosion protection through an evolution in performance concrete construction.