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  • steve_382n steve_382n Jun 7, 2010 2:05 PM Flag

    Oil Water Separation Systems

    Take a look at this link:

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    I saw this company talking on CNBC about their product to separate water and oil. They would like to get BP to deploy several of them at the site of the spill. Wonder why you couldn't put a large cap over the well and run all of it through this device. Maybe you would still need to get the natual gas out of the flow first.

    Wonder if Cetco makes any separators that could be used to clean up the mess.

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    • Steve, if this is the company Kevin Costner invested in, I heard BP has ordered 32 of them, which based on figures I heard, could together theoretically separate 100,000 barrels of oil a day. Figure does sound too high.

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      • Looks like it's a different company, but similar idea. They both spin a tube of oil/water mix and the lighter oil stays in the center of the tube. It is then pulled out via a smaller pipe in the center of the tube. The Voraxial 8000 says it can process something like 5,000 gallons per minute. Here is an artice and a link for Kevin's system also.

        Actor Kevin Costner's oil-spill device has all the approval it needs to scoop the goop from the Gulf of Mexico, but is waiting for money from BP, according to the actor and his business partner.

        BP has issued a letter of intent to buy 32 centrifugal oil-and-water separators, Costner said Thursday. His company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, was ramping up its operations to ship more than two dozen of the massive stainless steel machines to the Gulf of Mexico, he said.

    • They have been trying to cap the well. First they had this crystalization or whatever. Latest efforts seems to have partial success, but their fear is that if they create too much pressure there will be a blow out and spouts in more places.