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  • steve_382 steve_382 May 2, 2012 9:14 PM Flag

    ACO stock price

    Thanks. That's probably a good indicator as to what kind of growth to expect longer term as the economy improves. I was kind of thinking along those lines today as I listened to the earnings CC for my EMR. I'm not convinced they are going to really grow that fast going forward. So far they haven't done much coming out of the recession. No disasters, but lots of excuses why their master plan isn't doing that well.

    On the other side, at least in my case, it's the only really big cap I own, it pays 3% at the current share price, and isn't likely to go out of business. Another consideration for me is that it's probably my only holding that I could sell my entire position at the market and not move the share price. It's nice to have something that's liquid in case of emergencies, so I may just hold it for a while. My cost is about $32 from back in 2009 and who knows, they may get it rolling one of these days.

    Amcol's earnings, on the other hand, have recovered pretty well coming out of the recession and we should see a record again this year.