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  • steve_382 steve_382 Oct 31, 2011 7:00 PM Flag


    Thanks for posting. I have been kind of busy lately.

    Just finished listening to the CC and reading the PR. Earnings were better than I expected and the second best quarter ever. Revenues were a little lighter than I expected, but still about the third best quarter ever. Overall, a decent report.

    Ryan McKendrick still doesn't sound as confident or comfortable as Larry Washow on these conference calls. He seems a little nervous at the start, but gets more comfortable as the presentation goes on.

    It seemed to me like they performed a little sleight of hand on chromite profits by finding a good vein of ore that didn't need the new processing techniques they are implementing at the SA mine. That bailed them out for this quarter by a few cents, but it doesn't sound like they will get the same pop next quarter.

    Seems like margins improved is almost all segments. They menitoned they should be completed with divestitures for now. They don't have anything on the horizon as far as acquisitions.

    If this drops another dollar or two, I will buy back the shares I sold a couple days ago. It's not much, since I only sold about 10% of my shares and that would be what I buy back, but it keeps me entertained and I feel like I am adding a little extra when I catch it right.

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    • For what it's worth, I added a few shares this morning at $26.70. I am hoping we don't go back to the 52 week low of $21.60. That spike down looks like a fluke on the charts. The real bottom looks more like $23.50 or so. Don't really want to see that either. The next earnings report should be around the end of January for Q4/YE (last year they did a PR on Jan. 28).