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    • The address for the Allen Gaines Article is:

    • Very large trade just happened at the open. Pushed the stock up a 1/4 of a point. Probably 500,000 trade.

      Very interesting. Could be good news coming.


    • Can someone get a copy of the contract now (or
      perhaps once the lawsuit is filed) and post it somehow?
      Or somehow make it generally available? I'd read it
      and decide for myself by how much we're gonna kick BP
      Amoco's butt. Go Charlie!

    • the whole Magna Carta bit cracked me up. strong
      stand against BPAmoco. "A DEAL IS A DEAL".

      only do i have a good investment in RDC, i get good
      laugh as well. they say not to fall in love with a
      stock, but it is hard when it looks so good and has such
      a good sense of humor.

    • today. Although short-term outlook is not great,
      you have to love our Chairman of the Board. He is
      taking on mighty Amoco and has every intention of
      teaching those big boys a lesson they won't forget-
      something about honoring contracts- imagine that in the

      With a fellow like Mr Palmer heading this company, we
      can all sleep well at night holding RDC.

      positive note in the interim report is that 10 of 14 rigs
      in the GOM are operating (an increase of 6 in the
      last few weeks).

      RDC is a solid investment for
      those with a time horizon longer than a day, week, or
      month. This is not the place for Internut

      Good luck to all fellow RDC longs

    • I asked around and found out that Alan Gaines is
      a principle and Energy Sector analyst with Gaines
      Berland. Telephone: (516) 470-1000. You can find out where
      the column appeared and probably a copy from their
      office. Good luck to you. Geo

    • <EOM>

    • are a spammer and am reporting u to sec

    • I saw the Alan Gaines column posted on an AOL
      Bulletin Board yesterday. I do not know where it
      originally appeared. If I find out I will let you know.
      There is a lot comments that make me like my RDC
      investment. Such as, " Lower deliverability has, in essence,
      been masked by very mild winter weather since 1996.
      Deep drilling in shallow water must be increased in
      order to stem the tide of questionable delieverability.
      Directional drilling, better fracing methods and completion
      technologies will help produce more gas from a singlular
      wellbore, shortening the productive life of fields.". For
      what it is worth, a lot of the article made sense to

    • .............................................................

      Update after market close...

      Friday, 4:05 PM

      Our new pick is Computer Research, Inc. (CRIX) -
      Currently trading at $2.06

      Some times it is much
      wiser to look behind the scenes when investing in hot
      sectors. The brokerage and finance industry is growing by
      leaps and bounds, helping the stocks of companies which
      represent these industries climb to new heights. Computer
      Research provides computerized accounting and
      record-keeping support services to more than 50
      broker/dealers, banks and other financial institutions. The
      company is directly affected by the volume of trading
      (stock and
      bond trades). In their last reported
      quarter, revenues were up nearly 30% and earnings were
      .03. The company said that the revenue increases were
      mostly due to increased trading volumes.

      Research has a dynamite balance sheet with nearly $2.5
      million in cash and short term investments and almost no
      debt. Last year was a time of re-configuration. They
      upgraded all their software systems to the year 2000
      compliant IBM AS/400 platform. They also managed to replace
      the revenue from a lost customer by adding 4 new
      customers. Now the company plans to focus on growth. And
      that is exactly what we like....

      You can visit
      their web site (which is currently being modified) at

      Computer Research is one of the most
      solid little companies we have ever come across. A
      truly undiscovered prospect in a very hot

      Check out their SEC filings at

      Shares outstanding - approximately 4,000,000


      TechNewsletter would hope for $5 to

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