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  • WeatherUnderground WeatherUnderground May 3, 2000 5:02 PM Flag

    Hi dont_listen and bobbyp..

    Thanks for the well wishes. Does anyone else like
    the small E&P's that are heavy on gas? CHK, CRK, RRC,
    TMR held up well today with CHK near a breakout
    point. Also DNR came out today with good earnings. Some
    of these little guys have P/E's in single digits,
    but on the downside, all of them carry some bagage,
    heavy debt, less than stellar management. With NG
    holding above $3.00 the prospects look good. Any
    thoughts? Regards, Weather

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    • time now....I guess we are gonna see steady and
      slow rises from here on out as I dont see NG pricing
      decilining what so ever! No big jumps because this category
      is just penalized all the time...but I just feel
      that it is going to happen consistantly up over the
      next year or two... my two cents worth..


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      • I agree with you 100%, i don't think well see a
        big pop but slow and steady acculmulation in the gas
        E&P sector. It's hot across most of the country
        already and it looks to be a long hot summer ahead. When
        those peaking units start to get lit, there's going to
        be alot more consumption then most people think, and
        over the next couple of years, the trend is for even
        more summer gas usage. I think early money now is
        going to pay back big over the next few years. Regards,

      • I've held RDC for 3 or 4 years now, showing a
        mere 14% annual gain, but it beats the losses I was
        sitting on for so long.
        I have a model I run my
        prospective purchases through, with inputs of earnings per
        share, eps growth next year and 5 years out. According
        to this model, with price of $29.31, this year's
        earnings of .70, earnings growth of 110% next year and 28%
        annually for the following years, RDC is one of the best
        buys of all the stocks I follow, including the
        internet and broadband communications sectors. I guess
        I'll hold it for a while longer. Of course, I've
        learned that in this sector, one can't expect a constant
        28% annual increase in earnings, but there may be
        some upside surprises as well.

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