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  • eusdond eusdond Aug 12, 2011 8:29 AM Flag

    Maybe this is the reason ?

    Changda Company Knows of No Reason for the Recent Weakness in the Price of Its Stock and Reaffirms Its Reporting and Its Positive Business Prospects

    Could it be because this is a scam ?

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    • Was anyone referred to this stock or just find it on their own?

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      • It was off the screen and no body care about it regardless of it putting out net earning quarter after quarter. It is a diamond in the rough. People not only don't look at it but also kick it away when step on it. My take on it was it might be acquired by its partner China Petrochemical. China Petrochemical was buying chemical firm from Canada but got voted out as national security concern. China bashing was so fierce that no one escape the damage and all are trading at all time low. Will it recover or will it stay at pennies forever? I am not sure any more. Looks like money invested in it will be dead cash for long time. Currently, I am down tens of thousand and see no chance of recovering. American just hate Chinese stocks to the guts and when will that mentality will change is anyone's guess.

    • What would be the benefit for CIHD to be a scam? I can not consciously lay my finger on the company benefits of that accusation, can you do it without blindly spell out S C A M?

      May be it is because company is scare of the scam from US scam artists in fabricating false story to short the stocks. So it must be because of being afraid of the popular scams practiced by the scam artists shorting the stock. Therefore, company decides to do nothing except holding the one finger salute really high. This fxxxing US scam has caused me lots of $$$ on this stock and others, so do not pull more fire on the flame. I'm fxxxing mad as it is. Your stupid comment just making me even madder.

    • The article does not reference this stock being used for the scheme. It may not actually be used in any trade. If you have any information, please share.

      IMO, this is a great company just fell off the cliff and escape any one's attention. I remain committed but not sure if I want to keep buying to average down.

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