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  • grunka grunka Mar 9, 2000 6:48 PM Flag

    Strong hands hold this stock. When's

    in system possible, i didn't see any volume posted until the end of the day, your probable right.

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    • better_to_pick_with_darts better_to_pick_with_darts Mar 9, 2000 10:26 PM Flag

      up by hypsters on other message boards. I was on
      the DY board and tried to switch directly over to
      MCKC message board. When I put MCKC in the search
      window, it brought up dozens of posts ... all on other
      message boards. Kind of interesting that there were
      probably as many MCKC messages posted on DELL's board as
      MCKC's in the last couple of days. I guess I should not
      complain considering the recent moves ...

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      • on the NTAP board (where I'm a regular...going
        into my upteenth split at an all-time high
        the DD, NTAP is a monster)...of course I've been
        telling people at the office about my success with it as
        well. Still a big upside IMHO...the recent move is the
        tip of the iceberg. Secondary offering would be nice
        to bring some much needed shares to the
        table...although I can't say I mind the small amount of purchasing
        it takes to rocket this thing upward and onward...of
        course that works in reverse to, so my emotions are

      • better_to_pick_with_darts better_to_pick_with_darts Mar 9, 2000 10:30 PM Flag

        Had some interesting problems with our Branch
        Office Extender 6000 this past week. Ended up being both
        a bad port on the 6000 and on our PBX. The good
        news is that MCK tech support really hung in there
        with me to isolate the problem. The bad news is that
        there tech support is lacking a couple of essential
        features. IMO one of the most important things missing is
        the ability to ever get a live voice. You have to
        leave a message and hope for a call back within four
        hours. That is a LONG time when all phones are
        completely out in a branch office. (This may not always be
        the case but was for me on the 3-4 times I tried
        reaching them). I managed to work around the bad port but
        did leave one follow-up message saying that I do have
        a pad port on the MCK box and need to see about
        getting that box replaced. Have not heard anything back
        from them yet and it has been three days now.

        I still consider the overall experience to be a
        positive one but there is definitely room for improvement
        ... hopefully growing pains. I suspect that companies
        that have purchased MCK equipment on a larger scale
        have probably got better ways of contacting tech