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  • mel_4937 mel_4937 Jun 27, 2006 9:04 PM Flag

    Thoughts from current employees

    I would like to hear some opinions from current employees on what it's like to work at Ferro. Would you recommend it to someone looking at a job there?

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    • Go work for someone else--not a good place to work--the employees are just fodder--people are leaving in droves

    • I have worked at ferro for a few years. the first year or two it was a good place to work, but the last couple of years its been on a steady downward spiral.sometimes we get 40 hours sometimes we dont. sometimes i think the company tries to make it a bad place to work. they do things that breaks the contract between the company and the hourly and then worry about it later, like its no big deal. even when the employees are in danger, they dont care as long as pounds are getting produced. saftey is important unless it gets in the way of production,then its do it and if you get hurt we will worry about that later JUST DO IT! they recently just went down to two shifts, and instead of going to the shifts where most of the employees worked(1st and 3rd) where i might ad that it is alot cooler and better working conditions, they moved everybody to 1st and 2nd. weve been there since the begining of the year and been forced to work 3rd on overtime almost every week in some departments. i just dont think they care about there people, thats to bad because i think alot of people have given their life to ferro plastics division and they dont care just do it or find some other place to work because we have people laid off that will take you place. thats what i was told when arguing with the production manager.its just to bad the people dont count for anything not sure what it was like to be a slave, but not counting the i bet it was something like this. it just keeps getting worse everyday. oh well its like prison just doing my time trying to get screwed as least as possible!

    • Where to start when there�s so much to say about where I work.
      First off I�m hourly and I see things from the ground up, and let me say Ferro WAS a great place to work at one time. When I started there it was like being part of a family that cared about me and my family, 99% of everybody cared and put forth 110%. I really saw a future there.
      Not any more. Upper management has created a hostile work environment that I think is ready to push a few people over the edge and go postal. It�s like upper management sits around and thinks up things just to make our lives miserable.
      Some of the people in management are not even close to being qualified to perform their jobs; they only got the job because they kiss their bosses butt.
      A Forman once told me the only way to put forth an idea around there was to kiss your bosses butt. That statement pretty well sums up who gets perks and who gets the shaft, who gets listened too, and who gets told there dumb.
      It�s really a shame because there�s a lot of talent at the ground level going to waste, as a matter of fact, people would rather look the other way than to fix a problem or improve production or save money.
      No one cares if the doors stay open. If the placed closed tomorrow it would at least end the B.S.
      On a more positive note, H.R. is buying birthday cakes for the break room every month to celebrate birthdays. Way to go H.R.
      Also Corporate came down for their once a year quarterly meeting to rally the troops, what�s his name was a little overwhelmed by the negative energy in the room and the best he could come up with was �life�s short get over it� .
      So if you really don�t care about any of that stuff and you just want to slide by and get a pay check then Ferro is for you.

    • The oh most greedy one has hit the nail on the head and unfortunately that nail is the coffin that Ferro is lying in. This is a company that is gasping for its last breath. It is not dead but it is on life support. I have no doubt that it can be turned around. Some of the people that work on lakeside have a clue, although these are not the top level execs. The problem with Ferro is that everything is revolving around the stock price. If this company is going to turn itself around it has to start treating its employees fairly. They are going to be losing some quality top level people within the next couple of years just because they are to shortsighted to see their value to the company. Getting rid of people to save money on benefits is great for the bottom line but having happy experienced emploees is the key to growing a company. You have to have people that want to put their best effort into their job and that can only happen if they feel that the organization values them. Look at the fastest growing software companies as a example they have an organic structure that leads to creative ideas, the organization of Ferro has crushed the imagination of all long term employees. I have been around the company since Big Al's time and the people on Lakeside have gone from happy hard working to morose "can't wait to get out of here" during the following corporate leadership. I see these people everyday and there is no way I would want to work under the conditions that prevail on Lakeside. In short Make your employees smile and they will eventually make your stockholders smile, for this company it will be a long process.

    • Simple answer. Buy the stock. Do not work for the company. I worked there for 11 years. I left because they had zero vision or business acumen. All indications is that it has gotten worse. They are selling the plastics division which at one time was very profitable just to pay off debt which they have in spades.

      I just bought more stock after not holding any for years. Why? Because someone will buy FOE and break it up and sell it and the assets are worth far more than the stock price.

      The last time this was a good company to work for was under the leadership of Ad Posnick and Al Bersticker. The late Mr. Ortino left a legacy of debt and zero organic growth. The only thing they have ever done consistently is fire and blame low level employees for management problems.

    • I'm a recently departed employee (left of my own volition, if that means anything). I still keep in touch with employees there.

      Maybe this will give you an idea. Even though they pay in excess of $25/hr for operations level employees, they have the highest turn over rate I've ever seen from a large employer.

      Not only wageroll employees, but about 90% of the upper-level management at my plant has left, including several business unit managers. This is just in the last three to five years.

      My experience is all under Hector, but I hear nothing has changed since he died. Ferro does not value it's employees in any way.

      Here's a little anecdote: We had some bigwig from corporate out to visit several years back. He was telling us that the company was having tough times, and we all needed to sacrifice for the good of Ferro. Forego raises, give more toward benefit premiums, etc...When he was done, a brave soul raised his hand and asked, "When our sacrifices pay off, and we turn the company around, how will we be rewarded?"

      This bigwig looked at him like he was speaking chinese, and said, "You won't."

      That sums up my experience with Ferro.

      Caveat - There were MANY good people at the lower management level and the wageroll level. Some of the best I've worked with. It's the corporate culture and the plant managers/business unit managers and above that are the problem. They do not accept advice, and do not suffer dissent. And, by and large, they have absloutely zero business accumen or vision. This was especially true of the current plant manager at my site. His total talent was a willingness to cut his employees throats on command.

      If you're choosing between Walmart/McDonalds and Ferro, I'd choose Ferro just to get the resume fodder. But if you're looking at another major company, look hard.

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      • I tend to agree with you. I am a former employee

        I worked for Ferro for 12 years. I left recently for the betterment of myself and my family.

        I see that the influx of different managers has not helped. We tried to do our best to foster a better morale at our site, but the corporate culture seemed to squash our attemps to make the people happier.

        It was all about the customer, and the employees needs definitely came second. Since we were not able to give raises, I tried to get Ferro to adopt a 4/10 work schedule in my area in order to give everyone a "3 day weekend", but mgt wouldn't have it. Legistically it WAS possible, and it wouldn't have cost Ferro anything. Another good idea got flushed!

        I can't totally complain, Ferro helped me aquire what I have today, but I have definitely seen a decline in employee morale.

        The "feel lucky you got a job" montra that was told to us by past big wigs from corporate really took its toll.

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