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  • circle_check circle_check Feb 19, 2000 10:41 AM Flag

    SAP, Corporate communication.

    I will admit my dates were off but let me put my
    argument another way:

    Ferro is currently
    implementing SAP in its "domestic" specialty color group
    (which actually does not formally exist as a group).
    Timetable plans to have this completed by 3rd Q 2000.
    Though Ferro is moving up the learning curve on these
    implementations, I find it unlikely they will improve beyond 6
    months per implementation.

    The stated goal of Sr
    Mgt is to install SAP in Ferro globally. And they've
    got a lot of businesses/locations left to do. At my
    last count, there are roughly six domestic businesses
    left to do (including Cleveland Frit and all
    Chemicals). I suspect these two will take more than 6 months
    each. Some of these businesses involve multiple sites.
    Internationally, there are at least 9 different sites which need
    to be brought on line. Due to language differences
    (remember most of the current TIGER members speak
    American), these will probably take more than 6 months each,
    though some could probably be combined (England & France
    for instance). My point is, at 6 months per
    implementation, Ferro could be facing at least 5.5 more years of
    SAP installation. Do you think the current TIGER
    members (almost half of which do not live in Cleveland)
    will be wanting to live out of their suitcases for the
    next 5 years? Team member burnout will be a concern
    and should be addressed sooner rather than later. My
    suggestion would be to add to the current TIGER team. Rookie
    members could get up to speed over the next year or so
    and if you add enough people, you could cover both
    attrition and possibly develop leap frogging teams to speed
    up global implementation.

    The other point I
    want to repeat is that so far there have been few if
    any efforts to re-engineer these businesses prior to
    or during SAP implementation. If Ferro doesn't
    reinvent or refine its businesses, all SAP will provide to
    Sr Mgt is real time reporting that Ferro's sales are
    STILL flat!

    One stumbling block to
    re-engineering is the current structure of implementation. Each
    implementation is overseen by a steering committee typically
    made up of general /business managers from the plants
    involved. They have a very vested (and selfish) interest in
    NOT re-engineering their businesses. What appear to
    be obvious areas of consolidation or elimination
    will probably be squashed by the powers that be.

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