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  • datanurd1 datanurd1 Jan 30, 2002 8:30 AM Flag

    Who needs a clock

    Did you look at time & sales. ASIA was near $14 when I wrote the message. It closed at $14.40. My math works like this. Bought 4k at $14.04 with a firm belief stock would move higher at the close. Sold 4k at $14.29 with about 3 minutes left to trade. Net gain = $1000. Not exactly smoking but not bad for a day's work. Look at the data and tell me if I am wrong. I would love to see ASIA stay right here for awhile. It is one of the safest investments I have seen in a long time. IMO

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    • I cannot argue the logic behind that. Unfortunately not all of us have additional money to play the day to day nuances of ASIA or any other stock. As a matter of fact, daytraders are part of the reason this stock and any other stock has a hard time maintaining upward momentum.


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      • I don't fall into that category exactly since I am trading a retirement account and cannot short. Thus, my actions are usually positive. Take a look at today's Level II 1000 bid at $14.25 and 200 offered at $14.26. Yet I will bet that ASIA moves higher first before settling into a trading range. Just a mirage for us peons to possibly offer our shares up to those who want to make money on a good stock.

      • wrong buddy. this stock tanked because it's highly speculative and had run up too much. the buying spree didn't help either. Non-traders wanted a shake out and they got it. it's a buy now, no more no less. very risky though, as weaponsgrade pointed out.