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  • What just hit this stock, close to a 1 point drop in less than 15 seconds. I have found no news

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    • I saw that too on level II, it was just
      because of the lack of buying orders while somebody put a few market sell orders
      (how stupid they are! and how lucky the guy who got the shares is !).

      !0 minutes later, with balanced buy and
      sell orders, ASIA is up 0.07 !

    • Welcome to the world of corrupt MMs. They could accumulate unless they ran the share price down so they did exactly that. They set it up to take out the stops which have been set in case earnings are bad. I feel sorry for the traders who don't understand these bastards. The key is to learn their tactics and let them feed into your hands. This is difficult unless you are on the computer all day. Nothing more than a shakeout which probably bodes well for this afternoon