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  • kotharivk kotharivk Apr 17, 2014 12:12 PM Flag

    I bought at 70

    I think it has come down a lot from 97 to 47. That is for a company growing at 81%. In cyber security and consulting for those. It is a great value. I hope I get a chance to buy more.

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    • one of the worst of a hated group now, which one is a more bloated pig YELP, FEYE, DDD ? Not sure but all could be heading much lower before any kind of real buying. other momos are good FB, FSLR, NFLX, maybe even TSLA. They still loved. FEYE is garbage nobody loves.

    • I think this will go into 30s easily and then eventually fill the gap to the teens where it belongs.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • The problem is looking at one of the most overvalued MOMOs in the market (FEYE) is that even though it has come down 50% in short order it is still valued to the moon. It still hasn't held a bid so there must be plenty of supply out there and from what I understand there are plenty of more shares unlocking in May.

      Stay away on the long side and short strength or buy puts on strength until you get burnt.

      Will I go long here after getting burnt? No friggen way! This is one heck of a Ponzi market where insiders get rich off of companies that are far from profitable and valued to the moon.

      Once upon a time QE and HFT algo trading did not exist. The markets certainly were not perfect and never will be but they are as rigged as the ever have been. Strong companies are often held down while MOMO garbage is propped up to the moon.

      It may all be legal although I highly doubt it if in depth investigation were done and if it is legal it's just another example of the intent of the law being trumped by reality and the gaming of the system.

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      • Looks like the insiders, sell side crooks, their investment banking pals and perhaps a few greater fools gave me the thumbs down for telling the truth.

        For the first 3, don't answer your door after the $h1t hits the fan in the market, it will be either the law or people with pitchforks coming to gain their pound of flesh.

        Allowing people to generate wealth without the real work, time and effort that should be required to do it is simply transferring wealth from the many to the few and is completely unethical and in my world is a criminal offense, legalized theft or not.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • What are you waiting for as there earnings date is approaching and I can assure you the stock will rally into earnings. Alot of the downdraft in the equity was do to extraneous issues.

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