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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Mar 8, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    KPMG idiocy

    Most MLPs use taxpackagesupport or partnerdatalink for the K-1 management. Of my 40+ K-1s, MEMP is the only one which uses pshiptaxreports which is run by KPMG.
    I had signed up to be notified when K-1s were available as I do for all my MLP K-1s on the other 2 sites.
    Instead of a notification that K-1s are available on the website, I just got an email with the actual K-1 as attachment. Of course, it contains my SSN, name, address and all information required to steal my identity.
    This was sent through email so even though I deleted it immediately is probably stored on many email servers around the country.
    How could KPMG do something so idiotic?
    I am going to request they pay for credit monitoring and I suggest anyone else who receives K-1s through email do the same.
    Did anyone else get their MEMP K-1 via email?

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    • I just downloaded the k-1 for me, I am not sure how they were going to send it to me otherwise.... trying to input my measly 9 k-1's are enough for me. to figure out how to do 40+ is mind boggling, If you have a mlp in an ira and a regular tax account do you enter the k-1 from your ira as well?

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      • I had signed up for email notification when the MEMP tax packages were available.
        Presumably if you didn't sign up for that then they would not have your email and couldn't send you the K-1s by email. Wondering if anyone else had signed up for email notification besides me.

        I am going to strongly suggest to MEMP that they dump these idiots KPMG and their pshiptaxreports portal and switch to taxpackagesuuport or partnerdatalink.
        I'm also going to request KPMG provides me with credit monitoring since they have compromised my SSN and other information.

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