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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes May 6, 2010 9:41 AM Flag

    WTF - Total going to zero?

    Quantitative easing = oil goes up based on that alone.

    I will stick with my game plan.

    Sold BP and went short above 56 and dumped it in TOT.

    BP is a better company but now the BAR will be pickpocketing them for the next 100 years. BP is up on all the lawyer class action websites like a ginormous bullseye.

    Every ambulance chaser, gov't agency and slacker will be filing their lottery ticket against BP in addition to the legit claims.

    BP will have to hire almost every lawyer in the world just to dig through all the BS cases.

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    • wallacecarr May 6, 2010 10:54 AM Flag

      I have noticed that in many cases when an asset price looks like it has broken out and is running north, a few weeks later it drops dramatically. I think the prices are manipulated by the fat cats to run up, and when they draw the little guys in, the fat cats short away. Total is not the first stock this has happened to, and will not be the last. One must have discipline not to buy at what appears to be a breakout. Buy Total in the 40's or lower, not in the 60's. I moved my buy order for 1,000 shares down from 50 to 46, and as the price approaches 46 I may move it again. I think that within two years we will see the 90's again.

45.60-4.32(-8.65%)Jun 24 4:02 PMEDT