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  • fed_up_c_ws fed_up_c_ws May 6, 2010 5:57 PM Flag

    After Today


    I have no faith in the system and in particular the closing PPS for all positions in my portfolio today. I am down 7.3% (enough to buy a nice BMW) in 4 trading days, about half of that today. FYI, a half of dozen stocks hit ZERO today, that should be impossible, but obviously some trading algorithm bid zero which was filled with a market order. This is just bullshit, there is no level playing field. We are always playing catch-up because individually we dont have the mass/momentum to move the markets, but the banks and hedge funds do. On top of that they cheat. Years ago I worked for a small company that issued options, and I have to laugh when I think about how honest we were, and how often we were blacked out by the legal dept if there was the slightest whiff of impropriety,and these scumbags today dont think twice about trading on inside information. Fuck European contagion, I thought we were past all this shit. Its just an excuse to create volatility , which as we all know is the traders best friend. There is no such thing as "investing" in the stock market anymore. I am thinking of starting a website and putting together an organization for the little guy to fight back. We need to start suing the banker brokers that make big money on days like today, especially the ones that had all their ducks lined up before they pushed the panic button. It shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. Recommend this post if you would be interested. I cant imagine what tomorrow will bring, but I suggest if you have any liquidity, put in some really stupid low limit orders for solid stocks.

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