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  • gtobitz gtobitz Oct 26, 2010 10:38 PM Flag

    A little food for thought

    When I began investing, 4-8% dividends were common, expected. These days people are led to believe that they should expect a company not to pay them part of the profits. I guess they believe the Board of Directors is too busy filling their own pockets to think of the shareholders. They deserve more than the shareholders. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks a company with growing revenue and profits, that pays less than half of it profits to the shareholders in cash is a slam dunk buy. I don't want you to think that this is the only stock you should buy, but run all the scenarios for this economy. Inflation, deflation, foreclosuregate. A portfolio of stocks that pay solid dividends and going to be here thru it all makes the most sense. Also, I think gold is in for a big tumble, what a bubble. Oil, is used in every aspect of our lives, gold not so much. The world is working hard to try to slow the use of oil, but it hasn't tried hard enough. I'm hitting 50 and I know we'll hit peak oil in my lifetime. As that oil gets more scarce, are people going to drive gold's price up or oil's? Anyway TOT pays less than half it profits in dividends(room to spare), it has rising revenues and people are expected to use more. If not today, so what? 6% for waiting. I've made very easy money on this stock, because I don't worry about it. I think this stock has plenty of room to run as people start looking for safe yields. If you think I'm nuts, there's always AAPL and GLD

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