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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Jul 19, 2012 8:58 AM Flag

    America Burns Up With Drought! DuPont Burns Wheat!

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buenos Dias,

    Readers, searing drought has burned through a huge swatch of the United States, burning up corn and soya and wheat. Grain prices are skyrocketing. Global food supplies are severely pinched and the cost of human nutrition will soon shoot through the roof.

    What are the simpleminded bosses of DuPont doing? Ah...yes...proceeding along with oil giant BP and British Foods to crank up the world's largest industrial factory in Hull, England to manufacture costly motor fuel out of more than 1 million tonnes of wheat yearly.

    As the worldwide crisis in food waxes in coming months, the dopes who run the DuPont chemical conglomerate will gain increasing attention as political leaders condemn the immoral burning of food to power S.U.Vs. and trucks, and the commandeering of corn to make costly carpets and clothes and airplane de-icers.

    While oil-hating DuPont executives and their PR tricksters brag to the media about "Sustainability", it will become extremely embarrassing as the world discovers DuPont's touted "Sustainability" does not include sustaining hundreds of millions of starving children and their parents around the planet. DuPont's long-advertised business model, FOOD-to-FUEL & FABRICS, has been fatally flawed from the get-go, but no one in Fortress Wilmington is going to tell Empress Ellen J. Kullman and her ninth floor ninnies.

    Merely the morning commentary and food for thought of one individual investor and long-time student of the DuPlicitous DuPont. funfundvierzig...funfun..

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    • Jon,

      As an editorial correction, we inadvertently admitted the word "biofuel" in describing the huge factory in Hull, England, which has been described in the media as the largest biofuel plant in the world.

      "Simpleminded" is not an inaccurate description of the "leadership" of the 21st century DuPont, given the monumental misfirings. To name a few:

      * The colossal consumer fraud, Imprelis, an extraordinarily toxic turf herbicide, now banned with has killed or damaged hundreds of thousands of trees countrywide in the U. S., with total losses estimated conservatively between $1 billion to $2 billion.

      * The failed attempt to create a first-generation, GM seed trait, parodically called DuPont OptiumumGAP, to compete with superior-managed Monsanto.

      * The moribund status of DD shares, having gone rigourously nowhere in 14 years, since 1998 when DD reached a peak of 84.

      We believe FOOD-to-FUEL & FABRICS, which is not likely to create a single dollar of profit for DD shareholders when all costs are apportioned and allocated, counts a a misfiring by DuPont Senior Management.


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      • "When operational, the plant will have capacity to produce 420 million liters of ethanol and 500,000 tons of high protein animal feed from 1 million tons of locally grown wheat.

        BP has said Vivergo could supply over 30% of U.K. ethanol requirements under its Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation"

        Like in the US, they are providing the product we (individuals and gov't) are demanding.

        I googled the topic on the herbicide, and found the info, although the most recent date I saw was mid last year. I am not a fan of using broadcast herbicides. I spot use them occasionally, but sparingly. Another example of products we should have very little demand for. Lawns that look like carpets...what's up with that :)

    • never thought of "burning" as immoral before. Never thought of top corporate folks as being simple before what measure ?

      Worlds largest factory in Hull England ? By what measure ?

      You can likely get into some lively discussions with Sustainability folks with your opinions that bio based fuels are worse than geologic based carbon fuels, and bio plastics are worse than. imo...the law of unintended consequences is always in play, and for every plus, there is a minus.

      Or maybe you have an adverse impact energy source alternative you can that you can get your family and friends to pay for ??

      I think the problem is all of us...but saying people have generally overpopulated the world, and don't care past next week, ...not near as fun as saying those that feed our consumptive habits are to

      tough issue...all sustainability topics are...I encourage you to keep pushing the envelope by bringing it up.

      population 7 billion and the math, it was 3 billion when I was born...who is to blame for that ?

      counter rant over...good luck

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