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  • madmax19471952 madmax19471952 Jun 6, 2014 8:58 AM Flag

    o/t VALE

    Hello all

    Call me crazy I got a load of VALE: I may be in to early what say you???
    Vale S.A.: A Buy Or A Sell?
    Adnan Riaz • Mon, Jun. 2 • 20 Comments
    China's iron ore imports are expected to increase this year.
    Although iron ore prices are expected to decline, Vale has potential to generate healthy profits.
    Cost-cutting efforts and sale of non-core assets will help to improve its bottom line and strengthen the balance sheet.

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    • Sarge, I agree with Stagg (I know, shocking) that VALE is at a low point and the technicals look to be turning up. Technically it is not oversold with the RSI at 48. I disagree with Stagg about it returning to its prior high of $35. I could see it go to $15 or $16, but I don't see the global economic growth and China is in a bubble. I haven't been following the latest news on iron ore prices, but the past history was distorted by China's epic building, the bubble which seems to be popping.

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      • mark...most 'growing and well managed companies' will return to their previous all time highs (and more) eventually (it may take a long time)...i.e. SFL only needs about three more points to make a new all time high 'after several years'...more, global economic growth 'could improve a lot' because of the interest rate changes that are on-going at this time in Europe...

        Even if, VALE does not make a new all time high in the future, it would not take much for it to increase in share price by at least 50%...that said, we do not need a strong economy to make a profit investing, I have done better investing over the last several years than ever (even while the U.S and global markets were in a slump)...! Any investor that is not showing a strong on-going profit in the markets at this time, are invested in the wrong stuff (its that simple)...! $tagg...!

      • mark...I know that they say that China is in a bubble...however, my oldest son just came back from a business trip to China and he says 'there is new building going on everywhere' (he says people would not believe it) sons and their associates have developed a new product that will end up in 'most of the homes' around the world (no joke, and more on this very soon)...! $tagg...!

      • N+MARK
        Good message-- and things to ponder over

        I am up a tad today So far it is up 2.8%. Every thing you say is correct sometime ya gotta hold the nose and just buy LOL+++

    • sarge...I don't know if you are to early or not....however, I follow VALE (yield about 6.2%) and i feel it is a bargain 'here and now' my opinion, Vale is over sold and will rally very strong at some point in the future...Vale was about $35.00 a share back in 2011 and should return to that share price when their business picks up again...

      That said, I am not holding Vale but I still feel this is a good entry point as it will probably not go any lower in share price...myself, I am doing so good in the markets at this time that i am afraid to change anything (it will not last, but it is very sweet now)...! $tagg...!

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