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  • staggman99 staggman99 Jun 15, 2014 12:46 PM Flag


    Board this time, I still like BDCL and PSEC....BDCL (yield about 15.9%) is a double leverage (2x) basket of BDC's and in my opinion is very over-sold...PSEC (yield about 13.8% and pays monthly) is a BDC that is also over-sold st this time...However, a company that PSEC has gone bankrupt and that will hurt future earnings about -2% (which is not a big deal)...I plan to add more BDCL and PSEC at the beginning of July (after the Russell Index issue is done) and I feel they both will shine in the future because they are very over-sold...

    That said, I am still well pleased with all of my current holdings and plan no major changes...I will keep adding to my positions in DVHL (yield about 14% and pays monthly) and CEFL (yield about 18% and pays monthly)...I will not buy any oil or natural gas stocks at this time because I am not smart enough to make any profit in them (???)...however, regardless of the price of natural gas and oil, the production of them will always continue (and that is why I still like the off-shore drillers)...SDRL, AWLCF and SFL are all strong plays for 'growth and income' in the off-shore drilling markets...I think NADL (yield about 8.6%) is also a good play (but it will take a while, maybe a year to 18 months)...

    My current portfolio leaders in order are SFL, MLPL, AWLCF, NYMT, SDRL, STAG and etc.,...SDRL has been picking up steam and has been on the fast track current Total Returns YTD are now 10.2% and my average weighted yield per entry point is still 12.8%...! I think we will get a Mid-Summer Rally and then it may be a rough ride for about three months (until November)...I also predicted that corn prices would be about $6.00 a bu. by August and I have been 'very wrong' about that (corn is now about $4.70 a bu.)...! Stagg...!

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    • correction...AWLCF (yield about 19% after fees, maybe for currency exchange) has been good for capital gains,'but not growth'....! $tagg...!

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      • STAGG

        Happy Dad's day
        that said!

        I believe that oil and nat gas will go the moon, IMHO $5 gas is around the corner!
        The war Iraq, has taken an ugly turn and I was in the Gulf War and that is one ugly place to fight a war and we fought for oil in that war--Nothing has changed.... it will come about oil as the reason
        for us ti go to war again?
        and they (most Arabs do not like us , at all) I am thinking that the Keystone Pipe gets approved.
        So IMHO, get some oils and look at the profits that will flow
        Just my musing

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