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  • cabillhoward cabillhoward Jan 22, 2013 11:01 PM Flag

    Novartis - Fanapt - Lanza

    Weathergav your assumptions are silly. I am not for gun control and have never owned a gun. I am simply tired of the big political campaign to rid America of guns, it's ludicrous and it's not going to solve Americas school violence. Taking these children off these very strong seratonin inhibitors will.
    There are no more guns today than twenty years ago and we never heard of random and constant violence in schools. The news today, two more shootouts in schools. You can choose to ignore facts because you have a vested interest or you can read the facts and the fact is Lanza has been confirmed by "Business Insider" he was on the violence-linked anti-psychotic drug Fanapt.
    300 million people were prescribed Fanapt, only 500 people were subjects of the clinical trials. Long term use of this drug is not known, fact. We are in trouble in this country and the psychotropic drugs being prescribed to millions of children is what is causing our children to go crazy. I am very good friends with who was voted teacher of the year and we have had long conversations about the drugs her students are being prescribed. Prozac and Ritalin are prescribed to any child diagnosed as hyper. These are hard core drugs that change how your brain works these children's brains are being tampered with at a very early age. Choose to ignore the facts and invest in this company then you are part of it.

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