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  • players2 players2 Jul 25, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Gone but not for good

    Gentlemen and Ladies: I have been associated with AMSWA for over 10 years, I bought most of my stock holdings in the area of 5-8 dollars a share. Today I am out. The purpose of this message is tell you all that
    this is and has been a great thread, all of you have been great and I just wanted to thank all of you for being
    really down to earth good quality investors. I may or may not be back in the future. Custom, you da man with a great head on your shoulders. GLA Tks. again. Steve

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    • players2, ditto to you. I have enjoyed yor frankness as well. Like yo I am a very ong term holder of AMSWA but got out before earnings. Unless earnings get revised upward, I fear this stock will revisit the lover $7 range and may be even into th $6's if the economy gets shaky. I will be keeping an eye on it becajse of the nice dividend, bjt IK am lowerikng my price target to buy back in to below $7.50 per share and may revise that if the stock price moves n that direction too qicklh. I do know I will bu back again though as this stock has been good to me over the years and I need some reliability in my nvestments as I approach retirement. Best of luck. Check ot Cytosorbents (CTSO) and see what yo think. I honestly think that stock is going to be a big moveers in the next year or two. Not hyping, a serios suggestion about a stock that few know about.

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      • still of the same opinion that AMSWA may trend lower due to projected earnings but keeping watch. If you followed my advice about Cytosorbents (CTSO) you have now more than doubled your money. Still plenty of time to get in this one as it should do TERRIFIC over the next 5 years. JMHO.

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      • Jax: Thanks for your reply, I will be keeping an eye on AMSWA, and if it hits anywhere near 6.00 or even low 7's, I will be a buyer again. I will surely miss the DIVI. I checked out CTSO and it has a few to many shares in the float for me. Good luck to all on AMSWA and CTSO.

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